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Obsessive Love Disorder

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what the hell ?? where am I?? I couldn't see straight with all my dizziness ...My legs refusing to move,trembling with no energy left in my body...

All I could remember was his angry blood shot eyes before darkness engulfed me.

I was returning from my office..A car blocked my way and I know whose car it is.Climbing down the car ,he came near me.

"come Riya.I'll drop you."

"Move." I shouted and tried to walk past him..suddenly he grabbed my hand and stopped me.He would've never expected this reply from me.

"what did you just say ? " He asked anger evident in his voice.

"I'm tired of you .I'm tired of being your obedient doll " I said clenching my teeth.

"You are mine and you'll do whatever I say." He said anger rising in his every word.

"Stop claiming me like a possession akshay.I'm not a thing to claim as yours.My parents has fixed my wedding with someone else.so I'M NOT YOURS."

That is my last sentence.With one hard slap on my face, i fainted and I don't remember anything after that except for his blood shot eyes...

With head spinning I closed and opened my eyes to Clear my vision to see Akshay sitting in the chair next to my bed on which I'm lying .

"Don't worry baby girl.You are safe.Your parents cant marry you to anyone now.I brought you far away from the..Far away from everyone.."

Akshay's voice dashed my ears !

whattttt?? am I kidnapped?? Did Akshay kidnap me??

This is the story of a beautiful girl Riya,who comes from a conservative middle class family and Akshay , who is one and only son of the most powerful politician and business man of the country ...Will Akshay's obsession destroy Riya's life or Will it be the new beginning?

Read and find out, lovelies :)
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