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Negan's Daughter (The Walking Dead) -ON HOLD-

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"What's could be worse than an evil, crazy and psychotic Negan?", you might say.

"How about two evil, crazy and psychotic Negan's", says I.


"What, you want a bloody introduction?", she said, sighing and rolling her eyes in boredom.

"Whatever. I'm Sienna, Negan's bad ass teenage daughter as you've probably heard. I know, I'm pretty damn proud of that fact myself. Everyone's scared of my Dad... but I guess I'm not everyone", she stated, zoning out into thought for a few seconds.

"They see my dad as some sadistic and evil person but to be honest, he's saving people that just aren't grateful enough. It's why we're called the Saviors, get it? He's not perfect but he's my role model, so I've made it my goal to be exactly like he is", Sienna points out bluntly, shrugging her shoulders. She sighs before continuing.

"Okay, you probably think I'm crazy. But it's fine, a lot of people do. At first they usually think Dad abuses me or some shit like that, but I love my dad. He'd never hurt me. I think they might assume that because he has a slightly violent way of expressing his opinion. But that's normal right? Dad told me to ignore people who tell me it isn't. I mean, survival of the fittest guys! Jeez."

"There are certain things that make me different from Dad. I get a lot more emotionally worked up about things, but I'm working on that. Dad told me that feelings were what would get me killed. It confuses me sometimes because I love him, don't I? If I care for him, does that still count? So, do I care for everyone or no one at all?", she mumbles, staring away in deep thought.

"I guess I am a little bit weirder than your average teenage girl. I've killed walkers. I've killed people. I guess I have to be a little weird if I'm Negan's daughter".

"Oh, and I really like dogs".


•The Walking Dead•

My first TWD book. Hope you enjoy it!
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