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My Stellina : Be Mine

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Dia bukan remaja yang bebas.

Bukan juga kanak-kanak yang gembira.

Dia seorang yang cuba untuk menjadi sempurna dimata orang sekelilingnya. Walau dipandang serong, dia tetap mencuba untuk menjadi yang terbaik.

Menjadi yang terbaik untuk Dia atau untuk si 'dia'?

'Kunfaya Kun. Jika Allah kata jadi maka jadilah ia.'

Nur Hidayah Zulaikha dan Sufea Syeerah

Haikal Danish dan Haziq Zaquan

Siapa heroin? Dan siapa hero? Nantikan..

Jalan cerita & watak milik :-naz_hud

Start- 01 November 2022

Jangan copy jalan cerita. Maaf kalau tercopy jalan cerita or ayat korang

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Three Hours Away

Three Hours Away

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[epistolary #1]trigger warning: si OA nakakamiss yung ome lalo na sya. luh?!? but for real guys.. wewzxsjkhhgd& siguro relate dito yung mga nasubukan gumamit ng ome diba? like grabeh! nakakamiss makipagusap don kahit ang rarandom ng mga tao well that's the point nakakamiss sila kasi ang rarandom nila like napapagusapan nyo mga gusto nyo pagusapan sa buhay nonsense o may sense man..ENJOY READING! MWAH MWAH! BOOOGSHH!STARTED: 03/31/24ENDED: 04/03/24DATE OF PUBLICATION: 06/25/24…

The Queen (BTS ff)

The Queen (BTS ff)

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A Indian mafia stepsiblings book.I hope you all will like it…



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We Fell Apart

We Fell Apart

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Her husband is not in love with her anymore. Actually, their marriage is least important to him, he had an affair and marries his mistress, after divorcing his wife and leaving their two kids.…



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seeing myself when I'm looking at you…

A Subtle Shift

A Subtle Shift

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Naruto Uzumaki has always been alone. Up until his 16th birthday, he knew no one and spoke to nobody other than Kurama, his only friend. Rejected from attending the academy as a kid and harassed so much to the point where he completely isolated himself from the village, living in his bunker deep in the Konoha forests, Naruto has many encounters on what should be an ordinary day. This shift in Naruto's life, so subtle yet so drastic at the same time. Touch-deprivation and shunning forced him to build boundaries, but they ended up being knocked down in just one day. Is this shift in Naruto's life for the better, or will it only prove his theory on how trusting others leads to imminent doom? @miss_morbid(I own NOTHING but the plot and a few OCs - Rightful credit goes to Masashi Kishimoto)(P.S. this book has a mature use of language, so if you aren't comfortable with that, look away!) --- = POV change"*" = time skip…

summer, why won't you last a lifetime?

summer, why won't you last a lifetime?

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how do I immortalize the way it all glows?…

Beyond Words

Beyond Words "Two Worlds: Writers meet Illustrators"

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Are you a writer but you can't draw? You want to start a collaboration? After finishing my book, I decided it was time to start looking for someone who could bring my words to life through illustrations. I knew that finding the right artist was crucial in making my book stand out and come alive in a way that words alone couldn't achieve.This will be a place where writers and illustrators will come together and have fun.P.S.This will have different types of music with different genres.…



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Drone  Assassin  Reloaded

Drone Assassin Reloaded

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DRONE PILOT WITH A DEADLY MISSIONWhat would you do if,You were the President and there is a real and present danger of an assassin out to get you?In this case, Security Adviser, Dovan has engages the services of the Drone Assassin.Drone Assassin ReloadedMeet,Nica Peri is ex-military, expert shot both as long range sniper and close quarter battle, CQB.Loves to fly Unmanned Airborne Vehicles, UAVs. Develops a unique patent for weaponized drone with a double sidearm, dual view camera, for both his targets and victims, and himself, night vision, speaker and microphone, plus other astonishing accessories, and makes his services available at a high fee, through his secured, double encrypted email, Mr. Anonymous Handyman @max.After two or three successful jobs for the mob guys across the West and East Coasts, steps up his game when he is contacted by Dovan, head of the secret service, to stop a terrorist from assassinating Mr. President and Commander-in-Chief of the Republic of the Niger Area, Bimas Tindo on May Day, which is regarded as Democracy Day, at the Public Square.A high-octane and explosive story of creative innovation and deadly competence, skill, manipulation and an attempt at riding Ajuba City of hoodlums and terrorist assassins, that has earned Peri the unenviable title of the Drone Assassin...Paperback Edition…