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Mahabharata - I Wish This Lasts Forever....

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Her love and devotion towards the epic history of Mahabharata made her travel to past,era of Mahabharata Dwapara Yug. Being sister of our krishn Our Dhaksha is here to find her destiny in this epic story.

What all tragedies she shall encounter throughout her journey? How's going to be Dhaksha connection with them all?
Will Dhaksha become the great part in this history? Will she find out her destiny? Will she know why she travelled past and become sister of Krishn?

Check out this book to know about her journey throughout the whole story.


Fictions added to this story is not meant to hurt anyone's personal perspection.
Purely for entertainment.


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???- she didnt choose this life ,fate choose her to live like this ,she had no other option???1- sorry???2- your sorry cant fix me or my past** CAR CAME AND HIT HER *???1- VIOLETTTTTTTT **SHOUTS**???- He's alive DANGERR!!!!!LETS SEE WHO,S ALIVE AND WHAT,S THE DANGER…



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A long story about a girl who had a normal and bland life until she got a cat to brighten up her life a little, but little did she know that she was getting herself into something more than just a comfort cat.TW: swearing…

BETTY  ━━ instagrams for rp

BETTY ━━ instagrams for rp

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wow another Instagram account thing I will obsess over posting…

Stand in My Shoes

Stand in My Shoes

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Two college rivals who detest each other, ends up in an unfathomable crisis due to the mis functioning of a new sophisticated device created by their physics professor. Both of them try hard to adjust to the changing situations while fate tests them with new challenges. Their life undergoes drastic changes and they finally reach conclusion which they never anticipated to happen. Cover page credit: @imalexisDisclaimer: This is a science fiction drama, mixed with the elements of humor, fantasy and romance. It is based on both my imagination and inspiration. The characters and incidents mentioned in the drama are purely fictional. I wish all my readers a happy and sound reading…

Mayoon Yassfaris

Mayoon Yassfaris

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It is the year 9,831,800,079,048 (9.8) and Mayoon is just starting to come into her own. Born on the planet Cerise, in the city of Coprime, Mayoon is a girl who is pulled between destiny, fate, and her own drive. Finding her place is not easy, and through various life events, she finds herself drawn into the life of an investigator, although investigations are very different at the time of (9.8). Eventually, Mayoon becomes a great investigator and takes on the bold position of applying her skills to the settling of new planets where data is limited and threats are higher.…



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this is my second one shot book. that doesn't mean i finished my first book. both of the books are ongoing, i just want a fresh start, that's why am writing this.this book mainly consist of oneshot and it will elaborate to morethan one part according to the stories depth...i like to write story with every details... so every chapter will be long and detailed....let's get in to the story guyzz, and am expecting everyone will support me on this story too.this book mainly featuring #VHOPE, #HOPEKOOK, #VHOPEKOOK....Bottom hoseok,TOP kook and taeam not adding any kind of warnings here but my book will contain mpreg, angst, emotional stress like those, i don't like to write heavy angst, so there will be very few warnings.give it a try it won't disappoint you...and am here presenting my new book #SUNSHINE SOUL…

Lander oneshots♥︎

Lander oneshots♥︎

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This is a zander centric<3Im a really bad writer when it comes to fics so 💀…

Their little puppy

Their little puppy

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In a world with filled with vampires, werewolves, witches, and humans. Everyone is classified when the turn 18. All the classifications include dom, sub, caregiver, little, master, or pet. Meet Sam an 18 year old werewolf. She has been on her own for a while as she gets to come home to her abusive alcoholic mother everyday. Sam didn't get to have the best childhood causing her to have a lot of trust and vulnerability issues. When she get classified as a little will she accept it or try to fight it? *non sexual*…

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