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mafia's lost love

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Nikolai Dmitriev
the heir to the russian mafia.
cold , dark and mysterious
They call him the devil.
but what made him like that?
maybe its the abuse and neglect of his mother...
maybe the extensive mafia training he had to go through...
or maybe the reason is losing his childhood love.

Astrea Andino.
sweet, kind and sassy.
they call her an angel.
but there is a hollowness in her heart.
Maybe its her forgotten mafia family..
or the forgotten years of captivity and torture...
or maybe its nikolai , her forgotten love.

what happens when these two collide after 9 years of separation. and what happens when the greek mafia princess doesn't remember her childhood, her parents , her brothers and most importantly her prince. what happens when demons from the past came to haunt them?
will they be able to overcome the challenges thrown to them?
May be you like?


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Labarin Soyayya, Sadaukarwa, Yaudara, Tuggu da Makirci.…

The Werewolf's Pet

The Werewolf's Pet

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Monsters? Are they real?. Well, Eva Watson had to find this out herself. Eva Watson, a twenty year three old girl whose family just moved to a new city then got bankrupt all of a sudden. Eva was then bound to a monster. Bound for life.Lee Ming a young man rumored to be a monster, well...he might actually be. "Only struck by what you see?"....smirk.."What then happens when we start"... Lee Ming told Eva the first time they met. Eva was smitten by the ridiculously dangerous and sexy look of the man before her. Eva's father had only days left to live...her family's condition, pushed Eva to the Lion's Den.…

~ The Sith can love too ~

~ The Sith can love too ~

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Christine Taylor is a beautiful, intelligent princess on Naboo who leads a quiet life until she is kidnapped and imprisoned by the Imperial army. There is quite a conflict between Christine and Darth Vader, but the longer the princess is in the Empire, the conflict becomes milder and increases between them.Feelings that they can't admit to themselves and for Vader it means a second chance to feel loved again?Attention ! The characters will be a little mixed up from other worlds and movies so don't mind that :)Have a nice reading! ;)…

Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband (Jenlisa Adaptation)

Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband (Jenlisa Adaptation)

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She married a driver she just met.However, the last thing she expected was that her bridegroom was no other than the most mysterious billionaire in the city.This marriage brought her baby twins.Therefore she worked harder to support her family.She was the queen of the entertainment circle.When she met the king who dominated the business world, she finally knew her husband's true identity.Disclaimer: this story is not mine.…

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a daily dose of me (⌐■_■)-︻╦╤─

a daily dose of me (⌐■_■)-︻╦╤─

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im bored your bored so watch me slowly go insane.…

End of summer; Beginning of a new life

End of summer; Beginning of a new life

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Tommy was sick of getting told what to do by Dream. So what did he do? The classic, same story that you wanted? No, he was going to go and leave this god-forbidden server. He was going to leave and leave with nothing. He, on the spot, burned his compass, and decided that he would create his own future.or, Tommy runs away from exile, and runs into the Business Bay. Trouble brews.Cross-posted on ao3.…

Enemies to lovers  on set

Enemies to lovers on set

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Before you start reading I just wanted to say something.Some of the trauma or other warnings are my own trauma or stuff that I never really talked about until now. So maybe you're not understanding some warnings, just so you know. {don't let it trick you just because sometimes they get along okay doesn't mean that it stays that way ;) }Chris Evans and Evelyn Jones have been working together for years but never got along. No one knows why they hate each other and every time they ask none of them can give them a answer. One day Evelyn gets a message from the Russo brothers to meet them in their office immediately. When she arrived not only they but also Chris were sitting in that room. "Good morning Evelyn please sit down." I sat down next to Chris but moved my chair a little bit away from him. "You're probably wondering why we want you two here right? Well we're planning a new movie and we want the two of you the be the main characters" Joe said. {I hope you like this story. Thanks for reading <3}…

they never tell you why -Xavier Thorpe
follow your heart [jasper dunlop]

follow your heart [jasper dunlop]

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an girl named leilani moves right next door to a boy, and they also go to the same school. so when leilani applied for a job at a junk store. how will it go? will she get it? important question: will she fall in move with a cute boy?(this book is obviously different from my other Henry Danger books and I wanted to do Jasper, so enjoy)[jasper dunlop x oc][The timeline thing will be after Jasper gets hired to work at the store][2022][no copy writing or u will be blocked][basically MY version of it but will feature some episodes here and there]…