Love Still Finds A Way.

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"I...I...was just....."I stuttered and he grabbed my jaws with his thumb and index finger,squeezing my cheeks.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you."He demanded.

"O....ok."I was trembling because his face was a few inches away from me and his masculine scent was jumbling my senses. When his eyes flickered to my lips,I bit them.He let go of my jaw and gripped my wrist harshly.

"So what do you do now? ..seduce boys?"He asked.

"I wasn't seducing him."I muttered.

"What was that you said?" He asked.


"I never want to see you around him understand?"He declared.

He loves her, but due to arrogance, he denies it to himself and tries to deflate the feeling by being mean to Pamela but that makes the love grow even stronger.

She loves him, but due to fear and how intimidated she always felt, she kept her feelings to her self.

So will these two find a way in their love? Come and find out!

Previously called : The Bad Boy And The Nerd Fall For Each Other.

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Started : 8th March 2019.

Finished : 18th May 2019
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