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Love after marriage ☑

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This is just a fan fiction. There's nothing related to real world. Authors like me use the real people's name but not any of the action (shown in story) takes place in real life.


"I hate you"

"But I love you"

"I don't love you and won't ever do"

" will regret when you will need me the most"


" are so funny hahahaha" She said while laughing hard but suddenly he pulls her closer to him, making her to stop laughing and look at him shocked. Then he speaks.

"You are just like her....So beautiful and innocent"


'He' hates her so much from depth of his heart while 'he' cares for her from depth of his heart but as a friend or..........................................lover?


Hey guys,so this is my first story in wattpad and I am working very hard for this as it's my first. Just read the story whether you vote it or not because when you will read it then I hope you guys will love it and maybe vote it also😂. So don't waste more time in reading description and go fast to read it now.

Completed in 50 days

Started: October 4, 2020
Ended: November 22, 2020

#2 rank in loveoflife [2020.11.25]
#1 rank in comedy [2020.11.25]

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