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Living With Half Brothers

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Alexis Winter and Alexander Wilson Gonzalez are twins. With Alexander being the older twin.

They live with their mother, Anna Gonzalez and her good friend - who was more of a fatherly figure in their life - Mike Johnson, who also used to be an FBI agent.

They were living a pretty decent life until they received a call from Mike to say that their mother was admitted to a hospital.

Imagine their shock when they learn about their mother's sickness and the fact that they would be living with father.

And not to mention the fact that Philip Jones - their father - is the father of four boys that are way to smiley.

This just irritates them even more.

But they have to cope with it. Thinking that, they both packed their bags and reluctantly went to stay with their father.

Not knowing what kind of danger they were walking into.



1) I can't say that this book is funny because it most definitely is not.

2) Grammar is not perfect because English is not my first language.
May be you like?
~.The missing kids.~ .•.•Found?•.•.  Started; March-17-2023

~.The missing kids.~ .•.•Found?•.•. Started; March-17-2023

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What happens when three siblings go out on a camping trip to camp grizzly [read more to find out!]…

The Science Project [ONGOING]

The Science Project [ONGOING]

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⚠️ THE COVER ART IS NOT MINE AND I'M NOT, IN ANY WAY, TRYING TO CLAIM IT ⚠️School is boring but is is even more boring when there is a project you need to do. This happened to Marinette. She had to do a science project in a span of a weekend. Worse yet, it was a group project and Marinette knew she was screwed because she always ended up with Chloe and Sabrina in group projects. But when her team is her best friend, Alya and her crush, Adrien she couldn't be more happy. They have to go to Marinette's house to do the project and Marinette would have never imagine that weekend would be a roller coaster of emotions.Adrien is really happy too (not for the project, who would be?), he would spend a whole weekend with two of her best friends, Alya and Marinette. But when he less expects it, he suspects he might be starting to fall for Marinette and that weekend would decide what will happen with their relationship, still just friends or now more than that?Milestones:50 views: complete!100 views: complete!200 views: complete!400 views: in progress :P800 views: in progress :P1k+ views: in progress :P…

Until I Die

Until I Die

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Amani and Ezra are both children of extremely powerful people in the business world, they barely know each other. But that will have to change once they have to start working togetherWill they start having feelings for each other?…

haikyuu x fem lemons/smut/fluff


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The story captures a sense of isolation, detachment, and internal struggle experienced by the protagonist. It explores themes of identity, societal expectations, and the yearning for genuine human connection. The protagonist's aversion to food and the act of eating, as well as their discomfort with being seen and objectified, contribute to a sense of alienation from the world around them.The narrative effectively conveys the protagonist's inner turmoil and the ways in which they navigate their daily life, often putting on a facade to blend in and avoid further scrutiny. The incident in the classroom serves as a breaking point, highlighting the protagonist's desire to disrupt the expectations placed upon them and find a way to break free from the suffocating cycle of judgment and objectification.The introduction of the boy in distress presents an opportunity for the protagonist to potentially step out of their own isolation and offer support, but their struggle to genuinely connect and empathize is evident. It reflects their deep-rooted detachment from others and raises questions about their ability to form meaningful relationships.Overall, the story delves into the complexities of the protagonist's internal world, their struggles with self-acceptance and understanding, and the search for genuine connection amidst a backdrop of societal expectation…

Art book 😍

Art book 😍

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Art Shit ig…

almost gone || karlnap angst

almost gone || karlnap angst

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TRIGGER WARNING - ED, SH, Bad Self Image, anorexia, bulimia, suicide.Karl struggles with his mental and physical health very severely. he was bullied through high school because of the way he looked and acted, but he acts like everything is okay. he wanted to die. His roommates where george, sapnap, and dream. they all have walked in on him crying at least once but he always had a excuse. one night after they got home, they found letters on the table addressed to each of them. they opened the letters and started to read,"I love you all so much, thank you for being there for me but it's time for me to go. to the stars, to the sky. you'll see my star shining bright in the night sky, make a wish and you'll see it light up. don't be sad, you didn't know it but you've saved me so many times. all of you, I've contemplated doing trying for quite sometime now, but now it really is my time to go. thank you for everything, but remember it was for the best. I'm not hurting anymore, goodbye angels.- Karl Jacobs."Thud.PS: if you are struggling right now remember that, you matter and you're cared for my loves. healing a process and I promise, things get better <3…

forgotten siblings

forgotten siblings

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Muzan and Giyuu are siblings. Giyuu was 4 and Muzan was 19 when Muzan was turned into a demon. Giyuu was too young to remembe.r what happened. Muzan turn him into a demon but he disappeared. Muzan loves his brother and has been looking for him for 1,000 years. Giyuu doesn't remember how he turned into a demon. Kaguya is the only one who knows Giyuu is a demon. Giyuu has a eating disorder…

The Random Criminal Case Oneshots

The Random Criminal Case Oneshots

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Here is a book about CriminalCase oneshots. I'll probably update on weekends. I will take requests and tend to write whatever comes to mind. Enjoy! -MysticalCatlordIf you'd like to request a oneshot, come to my inbox! Please have a title, prompt and who you want the oneshot about ready for me and I will do the rest of the magic! :)…

oc book (with scenarios)

oc book (with scenarios)

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my oc book…