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Living Dark

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"Nandini...!" Manik murmured in a hoarse voice, his breath tingling on my neck.

The red bright dot of the laser was now clearly visible in the middle of his spine, showing the aim of the sniper.

I feel guilty and scared. Scared of losing him forever!

It's painful as if someone is stealing a part of me from me, something so precious that I can't live without.

This fear made me realize that this is not some casual attraction or obsession that I feel towards him. It's much deeper, deeper than what I've imagined and now I'm afraid this fear is also going to make us fall apart from each other.

We can never be together, something meaningful!

Just the thought of staying away from him makes me quiver but this is the only rational solution to this problem.

Whatever is happening I couldn't undo it but I promise to save him from all of this, especially from myself!


Nandini Murthy came to college as a naive, middle-class girl for a PURPOSE but when she meets 'him' who is way too rude, spoiled, egocentric and proud, everything goes uphill and downhill. She starts getting distracted from her main aim which irks her badly.

Why is she pretending to be naive? And for what purpose?

WARNING: Mature Content || Explicit Language [18+]

Hop in to reveal more and unfold the mystery!


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Are you willing to do everything for your best friend? Even it is gonna make you feel hurt? Are you going to confess to her what's your real feelings towards her or you just going to be a coward cause you think you going to lose her?Let's see what he gonna do to make her princess/girl best friend feel happy even he's hurt..........This is a 3rd story I wrote because the 2nd one is I kinda forgot the plot of it so yeah. I'm gonna publish this first. Hope y'all like it ❤️This is a just a FANFICTION STORYA Jenlisa story✓Jentop✓Jengip✓Jennie is a Boy here so if you don't want then don't...…

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