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Kiss You || Merlin X Fem! Reader Fanfic

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What would happen if you are The Beast's sister? Having a spoiled, selfish brother is a nightmare. Moreover, being sucked into a curse because of his attitude. Pretty annoying, right? However, a certain beautiful maiden broke the curse and changed your brother's behavior to a complete 180°.

Now that your brother has taken over the throne with his wife by his side, you have no purpose in obtaining the throne in the near future.

And so you journeyed away in the hopes to find adventure and also admire the beauty of nature. But what would happen if you met Red Shoes and the cursed F7 on your journey? Will you find the adventure you were craving? Or perhaps something more?

There are sensitive content and offensive words.

I don't own Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarves. It belongs to Locus Creative Studios and Sidus Animations.

I don't own Beauty and the Beast. It belongs to Disney.

STARTED: June 22, 2020
ENDED: Aug 5, 2020
EDITED: Mar 27, 2022

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#1 in redshoesandthesevendwarfs
#1 in fearlessseven
#1 in cursed (as of 2021)
#16 in beautyandthebeast (early 2022)
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