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Kaze No Kokoro (Naruto fanfic)

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When a blind girl escapes the clutches of a snake, a man who kept her captive for as long as she can remember, tortured her, made her kill her fellow prisoners and never let her feel the light of the sun on her skin, what does she become?

The story starts slow so please be patient I just want everything to be clear so that there's no confusion later on.
I might decide to give her a love interest but this will not be sasuke. You are of course very welcome to give suggestions and I will make my decision known as soon as I've made it. ^^
I would love comments as well otherwise I wouldn't know if the story is liked or what you guys like or dislike.
Honesty is appreciated however I am not a fan of people who just say something like:it sucks, without giving any explanation. Thank you in advance and I hope you enjoy.

I do not own Naruto only my own character.
May be you like?