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Evelyn Reyes is the girl with chronic anxiety. Her stomach knots, insomnia, pounding headache, a second voice in her crazy head and anxiety attacks had made her into a pathetic excuse of whom she was before. But is having anxiety the end of the world? Mason Stewart doesn't think so.


Evelyn is the new girl of Gateway High where she wants to finish her senior year without making herself vulnerable, keeping her anxiety and craziness a secret and without falling in LOVE. That is a must. When she has Mason Stewart as her locker mate, the guy who has insanely blue eyes and loves to scowl at her, she thinks it will not be that hard to cope here. But after having a panic attack right in his arms, tables turn for Evelyn. Mason Stewart's scowls turn into dimply smiles, his rough voice turns sweet and his strong arms become a shelter, his insane blue eyes become a ocean where Evelyn wants to drown.

But when miss anxiety tells her everything comes with a price, Evelyn knows the price she has to pay.


"I literally whizzed through the chapters. It's so perfect and amazing wow i just can't express how awesome it is. It's so captivating like I couldn't stop reading once I started. It's absolutely terrific man. I can't emphasize how perfectly written it is. Wow. This is hands down one of the best books I've ever read."- @GoFigure0

"This book has portrayed anxiety better than any of the book I have read including published books. I hope you keep writing" - @TheLast_Unicorn


"Girl you pulled at my heart strings. You have so much power over my emotions like damn! Honestly you are talented and I look forward to reading some more of your work."- @campers2004

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comment for a dt !…

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