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In the Moonlight [Completed]

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"Are you stalking me?" His deep voice asked.

"You wish, that would mean I actually thought about you enough to wonder where you are." I looked away smugly.

Max moved closer to me until his face was right in front of mine.

"You're saying you don't think about me?" He smirked, fully knowing what the proximity was doing to me.

"I don't, why? Did you want me to?" I Regained my composure as I moved even closer, our lips nearly touching.

Alexa is a normal girl who just wanted to get through school without any trouble. She didn't want any attention.

She just wanted to leave those nightmares behind, forgetting what happened before.

However, all of that changes when her mum gets married and she's forced to move to a new city. Leaving everything behind, she hopes to blend in and go to university but life has other plans.

In the woods, lurking in the shadows is someone who can't stay away and will definitely ruin all of Alexa's plans and change her life showing her that things aren't always as they seem.

How can two people that hate each other be mates?

To add to the mix, parties, late night discussions and a school trip is sure to add drama to her life.

Warning: this story is sometimes very cliché and has a few of my own twists on it. The guy might make you cry, laugh or blush and wish guys like him existed in real life. (Well, at least further into the story.)
This story contains swearing and some slightly mature content. You have been warned.

Best rankings:
- #2 humanxwerewolf
- #1 gift

~This is my first story and I hope you will give it a chance!~ I promise it will get better.

Important: I do not own any of the videos, music or images I use in this story.
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