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"You will be mine," Bright's voice on the phone sent shivers down Win's spine. Never could he have imagined that he would have to flee from a mafia who intended to claim him as a spouse.

In a desperate plea for assistance, Win sought refuge from the compassionate owner of a local coffee shop.

"I'll protect you," Gulf vowed, shielding Win from relentless attacks launched by Bright's henchmen. When Bright personally decided to confront the person impeding his plans, he was taken aback by the sight of someone so strikingly beautiful.

Would Bright keeps chasing Win or his heart already pointing towards someone who oddly familiar?
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Random thoughts

Random thoughts

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Ummmmm hi…

Poppy Playtime x Reader

Poppy Playtime x Reader

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It's been ten years since you've been to the factory, and then one day your dad gets a letter and you read it before him... Really slow updates... like really slow I've gone insaneDecember 1st best ranking: mll at number one…

MAGNOLIA   ━━━━  art book

MAGNOLIA ━━━━ art book

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dear magnolia, i wish you nothing but prosper. ( ©lovtowne ; wip cover )…

The Train of the Dead

The Train of the Dead

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Michael is visiting Japan, his father's home country, but he feels left out. Not only can he not speak a sentence in Japanese, he doesn't resemble his family or anyone in the country whatsoever. Anyone who sees him can tell he's never been here before. The only excitement he gets is when his family boards the shinkansen, the famous bullet train that's rumored to be the fastest in Japan. And that's the least frightening rumor. The others are much darker. Stories of people going missing near the train station. Especially the legend of the Teke Teke, the ghost who used to be a normal girl before meeting her demise by the shinkansen. At first, Michael brushes them off. They're just legends and rumors, after all. But then, he sees how pale and eerie the passengers seem, how they lack any emotion or warmth in their pale faces and hollow eyes. The dark shadowy figure running along the tracks, fast enough to keep up with the train. And the terrifying sound that repeats in his head...…

Spy School: A Shadowed Fate

Spy School: A Shadowed Fate

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In the gritty world of spies, Ben Ripley, went MIA on a mission that spun out of control. Amid high-stakes chaos, the lines blurred, allies turned adversaries, and he was lost. What will happen when he returns as a battle hardened agent.…

시안화칼륨택배	【카톡VPN3』	네비도판매	프로포폴택배	삭센다효과	네비도판매	정품네비도	시안화칼륨판매

시안화칼륨택배 【카톡VPN3』 네비도판매 프로포폴택배 삭센다효과 네비도판매 정품네비도 시안화칼륨판매

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시안화칼륨구하는법 〖톡VPN3〗 펜키니정판매 청산가리구입 물뽕전후 스틸녹스택배 수면제구입 미약택배우유주사 ⌊톡VPN3⌋ 정품미프진 페니드팝니다 펜키니정효과 프로포폴가격 네비도직구 물뽕치사량프로포폴판매 〔톡VPN3〕 펜토효과 스틸녹스구매 우유주사판매 펜토구해요 미약직구 프로포폴사망펜토 ⋘톡VPN3⋙ 펜토효과 바르비탈가격 시안화칼륨택배 우유주사치사량 프로포폴전후 수면제구매콘서타직구 ﹙톡VPN3﹚ 네비도파는곳 정품최음제 펜키니정파는곳 스틸녹스구매 GHB구입 시안화칼륨팝니다펜토파는곳 【카톡VPN3』 넴뷰탈판매 우유주사 정품삭센다 펜토직구 ghb성분 여성미약바르비탈직구 ⌞톡VPN3⌝ 우유주사택배 정품바르비탈 바르비탈구하는법 프로포폴택배 미약직구 청산가리구매넴뷰탈가격 『카톡VPN3』 수면제작업후기 흥분제전후 여성작업제구매 프로포폴판매 위고비직구 우유주사작업후기청산가리처방 ⋞톡VPN3】 청산가리단독 미약직구 시안화칼륨구해요 미프진판매 수면제자살 펜토효과…

My Hero Academia Oneshots/Headcanons

My Hero Academia Oneshots/Headcanons

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When I get bored, this book will be updated. However, it might take a little bit if time so please forgive that.But this basically a small/ short book of my personal Headcannons and Oneshots of Mha…

The Kaminari twins

The Kaminari twins

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My hero academia but Denki has a twin brother, Denichi (Y/N) in a way I guess.Every chapter will line up with each episode from the show I'll probably stop at season three!SHIT AT WRITING! Warning swearing, it might slip in but I'll try make it cleanNo ships!! (Probably just like KamiJiro or BakuDeku coded and shit but no one dates, probably no flirting or anything)Started writing: 3/12/2023…

Adopted by light and levi
My Only Luna

My Only Luna

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It is story of an alpha and omega mates who are separated by destiny. They faces alot of consequences in there life and fight for there love. Will they able to be together? Read and find out.Do checkout my Instagram page given in my profile 💜…