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I Am Not A Prostitute: Mafia Romance (18+ Only)

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Warning: Mature Audiences Only!
-Strong Sexual Content
-R-rated language
-Adult situation


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The only thing that was mine, the only thing that was truly beautiful in this world, and he will never find me...

"How much?"

I frowned at the shadowed man, in an expensive looking car.

"Excuse me? I don't understand..." realization dawned on me, as I looked at my skimpy club attire.

I raised my hands, "I-I'm not a prostitute."

I felt his dark eyes analyzing me and suddenly I was aware of the situation. I began backing up, as panic washed through me.

"Get in the car." His growl came, and with that, I turned on my heels and ran.


Calla Levkin didn't want to go out clubbing for her 18th birthday.

She didn't want her friends to dress her in slutty attire.

She didn't want to be mistaken as a prostitute.

She didn't want to be kidnapped and sold into the Mafia.

And most of all, she didn't want to catch the attention of Sinister Velkov, the first in command of the Russian Mafia.

But life can't give you everything that you want...sometimes life gives you just the opposite.


Completed on 4/7/18

This is book one in the "I Am Not A Prostitute" series! Book two is "Come Back To Me"


"I have been reading Wattpad books for 5 years, and never have i found a book with so much humor and passion. I have instantly fell in love with the characters. This book is filled to the brim with emotion, action, and SMUT!! I will definitely be purchasing my own copy when it's released on amazon!" [email protected]

"A raw and beautiful piece of art that will keep you on the edge of your seat" [email protected]

"A brilliantly captivating story. Written by an author that takes her time to respond and care for her readers." [email protected]

"My favorite book on Wattpad, beautifully written, makes me cry, laugh, and scream all at the same time fav book ." [email protected]
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