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Huh A Gang leader

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Knox Grayson is a 19 year old gang-leader, known as heartless and extremely sexy.

Abby Wilson is a 17 year old weird but innocently cute, she has a secret.

Her father abuses her.

He has no family.

She excessively talks.

He mutters small talk.

They both find each other but will love be all?

Will they be able to make it to the end together?

Bad and the good come together, can they thrive through both there ups and downs or will the relationship starve and drown, the past and future can only tell.


Authors note:
Still editing and writing, yes it is over. Trying to make it better!
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I have no braincells

I have no braincells

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^the title says it allHighest rank lmao:#4 on Aaaaaaaaaaa…

بين عذاب ألذئب

بين عذاب ألذئب

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فتاة تعيش حياتها كـ العبدة لا احد يحبها منبوذة عمها يقوم بيعها لشخص غير راحم سادي لا يتحكم في نوبات غضبه ذئب غدار .ذيب شرس لا يتحمل جنس حواء يكره الكل ومعتزل جداً لديه صديق مقرب فقط يكره النساء بشكل غير طبيعي هل سوف يستمر هاذا الكره ؟. هل سوف تئتي واحدة وتنقذه من عذابه ؟. ينجمع في هاذه القصة ( الحب و الكراهية ، السحر ، الدجل ، الرجل السادي ، و الرجل الظالم ) .بقلم malak .( پين عذاپ ألذئپ ) .…

only here for yourself.

only here for yourself.

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they may hate each other, but there is a little spark of hope. <3…

Madoka Magica  the 3 last people to join

Madoka Magica the 3 last people to join

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When Mami thinks that the witches is hard to fight she tells kyubey and finds 3 people to join…

Child of a King

Child of a King

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After a heartbreaking event, a family is forced to split up because of their ancestors' rivalry. The father hides in South America with their sons and the mother is on the run throughout the United States with their only daughter. Six years later, a phone call from an associate brings the brothers back to the US to help their sister. What happens when they find out that she is not the only one who needs their aid but also another girl. Not just any girl. Their youngest sister their mother was pregnant with when she fled from the family's home in Connecticut. Follow a broken family's reunion through the eyes of a five-year-old girl as they join forces to protect its members from the cruel world that has been forced upon them. Will an innocent child be able to bring the family back together or is it already too late?…

Silly IRL list cuz I'm quirky

Silly IRL list cuz I'm quirky

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I mostly allow doubles and stuff so don't worry. Also keeping up with this list is hard so don't murder me-…

the outsider// preferences & imagines

the outsider// preferences & imagines

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requests open, ^^please doenjoy and thank you for reading…



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(UNDER REWRITING) ~Wings Of Freedom is a symbol of justice, hope and a second chance~A child born from the outside world was brought back within the walls. Reigning as the first born and heir of her non-existent clan, after being wiped out they were forced to escape the clutches of their enemy. Her story begins the moment she enlisted, giving her entirety for humanity. Her perspective on the course of Eren's story, but as the trio's Commanding Officer alongside Humanity's strongest soldier, Levi.Akira YamasakiHaving the weight of many responsibilities, she is known to be very calm, patient and independant. Yet many things started to shake her world, that makes her soon break.Having everything taken from her in the beginning, she continues to lose many who were important to her. With many threats awake on her journey to a fated victory, many sacrifices had to be made in order for it to succeed. Will she be able to help those in need? Will they discover the secrets behind the beasts? Will she be able to understand her true feelings towards a certain man? (𝑳𝒆𝒗𝒊𝒙𝑶𝑪)Started: 7/4/22Finished:…

Wenclair & Others One-shots

Wenclair & Others One-shots

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Most of these ideas were inspired by an incorrect quote generator.Request what you like…

Stupid Cupid Love. ~°KTH°~

Stupid Cupid Love. ~°KTH°~

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"I could be your genie.....?""what?""how about Aladin?"".......""okay nevermind. Hey there cupid v at your service."_~~~~~~~~~~~_Kim nova webtoon writer with no love life since she was born happen to stumble on a stupidly attractive cupid (or so he says) guy but he is not only stupidly attractive but also stupid who tries to match her with every guy she interacts.Cupid v but also known as Kim teahyung came form the cupids de Headquarter (still his words) goes to mission. The mission being to give the one and only and lonely Kim nova her partner in life.…