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Hourglass → Ace; Nancy Drew [1]

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❝Like sands through an hourglass, her life fell apart; counting the days until her time ran out.❞

The day Olivia turned nineteen was the day her life crumbled into grains of sand that poured uncontrollably through an hourglass. Her breath became a countdown of the days she had left, and a reminder of the moments that were stolen from her- replaced with a burdening ability that changed everything.

With the knowledge that the spirit world was more than just legend, she soon discovered that her soul was woven into the very fabric of it. Forced to suffer with a gift that only brought her suffering, Olivia learned to utilize it. To use her visions of the supernatural to her and her new found friends' advantage, even if it meant succumbing to her ultimate doom.

--- book 2, "Adrift", out now!

[ace x oc]
[season 2 of nancy drew]

© scoopsahoey 2021
cover by vrpond

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