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"What if your not so one nightstand turns out to be your new boss ?"




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"Am... I can't accept this." I say while avoiding his gaze. "I can't work with you and expect our relationship to be professional considering the fact about our past." I say hoarsely, while whispering the last part.

I look up and see him raise his eyebrows-questioningly...? I don't know... amused ...? am not sure.

"You mean the part where you screwed the boss."


Chicago Brook is the new writer in town.After graduating university with a degree in writing and getting a writing a job at The Hughes Power Company...she knows she's finally made it.

While celebrating she gets drunk and has a one nightstand with a random guy,who turns out to be her new boss and heir to The
Hughes Power Company.

Follow Chicago as she tries to cope up with the Hughes family drama.

Secrets will be revealed...bonds will be broken.

© Copyright
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