His Possession

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Jaxon Hunt.

Drug dealer.

Jordan Johnson.

Starting college.
Sweet, sometimes.
Smart mouth.
Makes friends everyday without trying.
And keeps Jaxon coming back for her. She makes him want to have her by his side the whole time and gets very possessive of her.


"I can easily kill you. You don't know my life and you don't know what I live for. And you don't know what I do. So I can easily kill you with this." Then out of the blue he pulled out a gun.

A fuckin gun.

My eyes grew huge and held the knife tighter.

"Get out." I hissed.

He smirked then place the gun next to my head.

"Now why would I want to leave?"

"Because it's my house and I'm kicking you out." Then I placed the knife on his stomach. He looked down and then looked back at me. His smirk grew bigger.

"Want to play that game?"...

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*needs tissues and torches later on*
*Mature theme*
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Back to me💞

Back to me💞

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story that how they become lovers and misunderstanding having…

New FNAF AU Gacha Book

New FNAF AU Gacha Book

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My new FNAF AU characters in Gacha…

the only reason• wenclair

the only reason• wenclair

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After gothic girl Wednesday Addams gets expelled from her highschool for attempted murder, her mother enrolls her at a school for outcasts named Nevermore Academy. There Wednesday meets her new roommate; Enid Sinclair. Wednesday is not very pleased with her new roommate at first, but their friendship continues to develop into possibly something more...…



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Single is FUN not until Taehyung announced to get arranged marriage with an anonymous person. Maybe, escaping is the key so he can find his true love, right? Or maybe not. cover credits: @taes_smirk and @AlifereousDistrict thank you for the cover!…

Images of you

Images of you

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I woke up with a headache. Memories. Flashing memories. I massaged my forehead trying to ease the pain I feel in my head. "If I was born a hundred times, I would fall in love with you over and over again..."Another flash of memory hit me. HER.…

Apps/devices To Add Me On

Apps/devices To Add Me On

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The games I play :•ANCH(Animal crossing: New horizons)•MiiTopia•Minecraft dungeons• Gacha Online• Robloxian High school 2…



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"Like the waves reaching out the shoreEvery time he reached outshe could see her not being as she was before...... "In which both Fall and Summerfell in love with each otheryet couldn't be together…

Dream the impossible (f1)

Dream the impossible (f1)

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Lukey  and 5sos

Lukey and 5sos

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Luke and his band jammingg around or something…



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"you are MINE from birth DOLL""No please spare me""from now you are not your parent's anymore....BECAUSE FROM NOW ON YOU ARE MINE"#jichangwook#y/n#forceloveThis is my first story..I hope you all will like it…