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His Little Tease [Editing]

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Lexi is trying to juggle young motherhood and graduating college. Relationships aren't even in the picture, that is until she meets Jacob McClain, NHL player on the night of her twenty-first birthday. Hoping to leave a one-night-stand as just that, her hopes aren't exactly her reality, especially when there's something... well, someone else to take into account.

[Chapter Two: Dancing With The Devil]

"You're such a sight, darling. Such a waste on a desperate whore like yourself," he mutters, gently dancing his fingers over the skin of my ass. The words of his degradation is making my head spiral into such a sinful bliss, "Now, consent is important here, darling, are you sure you want to dance with the devil tonight?"

"Only if you're sure you want to dance with one yourself. I'm your little tease, Jacob," I grit out, not able to look back at him.

"My little tease? Mmm, I like the sound of that."

Mature content throughout: (sexual themes, smut, strong language, and mental illness including an eating disorder.)

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started: August 2nd 2020
finished: January 30th 2021
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Hello Everyone I am here with a new story.But But ButThis is not only a moran story isme ek pair dusri bhi hai..Ye ek imaginary story hai.. dusre jisme Characters bhi ek imagination hi hai..Moran ke alawa baki sabhi Characters Aap apne hisab se kisi bhi Character ko assume kar sakte hai...Jisko Jo pasnad hai wo rakh lo.Aap chahe to sidsa ya koezi ya fir arakshi ya aapki jo bhi FAVORITE pair ho use..IMP BAAT : Ye story sirf Moran ki nahi hai isme ek aur pair bhi hai ye baat me pehle hi clear kar di hai isliye jisko nahi pasand ki moran ke sath koi aur aaye wo iss story se dur rahe.. Kyuki Ye story me moran ke sath sath dusri pair ke bhi equally scene aayengeDisclaimer : This story has received all copyrights. Don't Even Think to steal or copy it. This story is based on totally my imagination. If You are interested than read or leave it.But Don't Bash the story or the Writer.Hope You Like It.…

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Hey y'all author here ( ╹▽╹ ) this is my first ever story to make so please don't judge if it's bad also this is a (Xiao x Aether) story so I wouldn't recommend to read it if you're not a fan of this ship WARNING SOME OF THESE MAY INCLUDE ANGST, SWEAR WORDS AND SMUT ( ꈍᴗꈍ)This a Modern AU story where Aether and Lumine is at college and finding way to make more money to afford college expenses Xiao on the other hand is rich cause his father Zhongli is married to Childe who is a rich business man with a large and successful company. When Xiao was on a relationship with Aether he decided not to tell Aether he is rich to test his loyalty after all everyone who confessed to Xiao is only after his money but Aether is different he loved and liked Xiao for who he really is no matter if he's rich or not. But one person seems to be seeking revenge and is after their relationshipSo yeah everyone enjoy reading the story (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)…



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