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His Dreamer

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Book 2 of the Jackson Series!

With a family that wants nothing to do with her and nobody by her side to pick her up when she falls, Zoe Miller is struggling to make her dreams a reality.

But things change when she runs into Hunter Jackson. Both hate each other with a burning passion from the start but that quickly changes as Hunter starts to care for the sweet yet sassy redhead.

As they fall for each other, a family ridden with greed and ill intentions threaten to break them apart. But somewhere along the way, Zoe finds everything she's looking for in Hunter.

It's now a test of whether their love will survive.


"Did you really have to hit him?" I ask quietly as I move to clean the cut on his lip and cheekbone.


I smack his chest lightly with a glare. "All we had to do was walk away, Hunt. You can't just go around hitting people, especially at someone else's house!"

"Zoe, he's a sleaze bag! He harasses women every chance he can get!" He argues as I apply ointment to everywhere besides his lip.

"Still Hunter, you shouldn't have -"

"He deserved it and I'm not sorry about ruining his stupid face!" He crosses his arms with an adamant huff.

I close the kit with a slam before standing and making my way back to the bathroom. "I can't believe I'm in love with an idiot."

" love me?" I freeze before turning to face him slowly. Fuck me, did I say that out loud?! I think to myself in horror.

" depends..."

"On what?" He frowns in confusion as he stands.

"If you love me too?" I ask bravely while my poor heart hammers away in my chest.

He shakes his head with an amused chuckle before staring at me with...adoration? "I love you too."

I blink in surprise before nodding my head dazedly. "Good."

"Great." He grins widely as we just stand there staring at each other. "Can I have a kiss now?"

"What for? Breaking someone's nose? I don't think so."

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