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Hidden Secrets

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(Sequel to My Brother's Best Friend)


Three years ago Bethany Carrington got pregnant at the age of 16 by Blake Matthews, her brother's best friend. Towards the middle of her pregnancy she miscarried. She broke up with Blake and left him devastated. Then on prom night, they slept together and she got pregnant again. The catch? She didn't tell him. Blake Matthews has no idea he's a father when he goes off to UCLA.

Well now her daughter Emma is two. She's full of energy and looks just like Blake.

Her brother Josh and her best friend Ashley is getting married. Can you guess who shows up to be the best man?

Join Bethany on the rollercoaster she likes to call her life. Will she tell Blake?
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Pool Party (Kath & Kim crossover fic)

Pool Party (Kath & Kim crossover fic)

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Kath and Kim decided to host a pool party, but it all goes horribly wrong when some ~~uninvited guests~~ show up.…


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Scarlett/Natasha Elizabeth/Wanda images
𝐮𝐧𝐞𝐱𝐩𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐝 , a christmas story

𝐮𝐧𝐞𝐱𝐩𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐝 , a christmas story

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﹒unexpected ❜─ a story of a girl just minding her own business on christmas when the doorbell suddenly rings and standing on the doorstep is someone she least expects to see…

Supernova (Titans ff)

Supernova (Titans ff)

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Luna White is Supernova. A hero. She is a witch, she can turn into white wolf, she can turn into white tiger, she can fight, she can use every weapon you give her. She is sixteen years old. One day Dick Grayson came to her apartment with a girl. What will Luna do? Read to find out…

The Siren's Kiss (1/3 of the Siren series)

The Siren's Kiss (1/3 of the Siren series)

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While hunting down the most feared gang in recent history, 7 tries to recruit a talented hacker who just might be the unrequited love promised to him by a family curse. It has to be love to be unrequited, and 7 is determined to never fall. The thing about fate though... you can't outrun it.____________________________Now 7's nose filled with the intoxicating scent of forbidden galactic fruit and sacred smoked spice and his lips had tasted soft warm delicious skin they craved pleasure-soaked orgasm tainted blood pulsing underneath it. Something in his body lurched, leaped to the very front as if pushing him off the very abyss he'd hoped to avoid. He was a great distance from the edge thanks to his defenses but now he realized he didn't have to be on the edge to be pushed off. A force this strong could yeet him off the Himalayas and he'd never touch land again. And he didn't want to."Who are you 7?" She wonders, voice lazy and molten and sweet, so soft he's not sure she knows she'd askedHe wasn't eager to run, so there was only one test to best his fear, beat the curse at its own game."If you let me, princess..." He gruffly whispers against the delicious thin skin of her throat, her scent filling every fibre of his being"I could be your guardian angel." He charmingly supplies, loosening his grip on her hair, waiting for her to put distance between them, giving her at least this, a tiny chance at escapeA smile comes over his face when she doesn't, his lusty intense gaze surveying her full dancing chest, heavy with wanton rabid hunger"Among other things." He adds against her magnificent jawline A sound that could only be described as a feral growl slipped past his lips as his grip on her hair tightened, and then his lips dragged swiftly over her jaw and slid perfectly onto hers, ferociously hungry for what was his, determined to drag her into the unflinching gravity of his desires until she drowned too.…

🖤💛Erasermic Oneshots💛🖤

🖤💛Erasermic Oneshots💛🖤

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Erasermic oneshots cause why not 😻No smut istfg, i refuse. 😇The art is not mine and idk who's it is so...🧍…

Make a title to hook people in

Make a title to hook people in

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Imagine if people actually read this 💀This is a shitpost book filled with little skits and maybe some art.Don't look at this, Please I beg you 😔 First time writing so don't fucking question my style/hj 😒I'm so scared to upload something-dksmdkkdkkll- 😰😰😰This may be cringey. Like . Fr.…

Moran Fanfaction (ZDMN)

Moran Fanfaction (ZDMN)

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This story will mainly focus on moran and their love, banters, care for each other and all the emotions between them.In this story you will see that moran love each other unconditionally but didn't confess because they think that words are not necessary between them but to feel the love which they both knew that the other person is love him/her and they don't need to tell this. But they don't know sometimes confessions become important.This story will randomly start from any episode the show and afterwards going according to my imagination. And i know you all will like it. Thankyou.…

I'm not dead