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Hey Sweetheart

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She was in the food isle, looking for some good biscuits when she saw him. He was handsome to the least. But then she saw what he was doing.

He saw here and there, when assured nobody was watching, held out a bag and kept many items. By the way he looked around before keeping things was suspicious so she followed him. His bag was full of items. He simply kept all the things of one trolly at the side in his bag

He just casually strolled out of the store and to her surprise nobody stopped him.

They didn't even looked like they saw him. He was walking on the road when she kicked him in the knee and pinned him to the ground.

"You have not payed mister. You cannot go like this."

He was surprised that she was talking to him and had him pinned to the ground. People cannot even see him and she has him pinned to the ground. Then he remembered the girl who bumped into him and strolled past him in the vegetable section. It was the same girl!

She was interrupted by a lady.
"Dear, your bag is lying scattered. And why are you sitting like this on the ground? Do you need some help?"

She has not noticed that the bag which had all stolen items has fell on the ground but she replied.

"This guy was practically stealing. He-"

"Which guy?" Old lady asked.


«I'm invisible, sweetheart.»

★You are destined to be his. And him, yours. Even the gods can't seperate you and you talk about devil!? ★

(There is no covid-19 pandemic in this book.)

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