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Hacker's are dangerous (SLOW UPDATES)

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"I heard you were the player, nice to meet you, I am the coach"

"Just because I look like a nerd doesn't mean I am going to act like one," I told him. He stopped laughing and his eyes held amusement.

"I'm a soldier, not god" he simply told me and I rolled my eyes. I sat up from the chair and crossed my arms over my chest.

"Such gentlemen," I mumbled

Arden Jackson, also known as CJ is on the F.B.I's most wanted list. Her life was perfect, well, not really, but a life nonetheless.


I forgot that hacking into the worlds most secure system and running away from the Russian Mob is not a life. Well, at least she thinks its a life.

High School was sadly not on her bucket list but she doesn't have a choice. Preferring to go to high school then to end up dead at the side of the highway. But when she does, it makes her second guess her decision

Someone just makes her blood run cold, the bad boy.
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The Abyss of Time

The Abyss of Time

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Twenty years after the end of the Cyborg War, the last cyborgs try to hijack a starship on its way to terraform an alien world. They want the new colony to be a cyborg colony in which they will rebuild their strength and practice their way of life. During the fighting, though, the starship is damaged, so that instead of travelling light years across space it ends up a billion years in the future, alongside a planet Earth that is near the end of its life.The cyborgs, momentarily defeated, leave the ship in a captured landing craft and go down to the planet, but before they go they sabotage the ship so that it is no longer able to support life. The crew have no choice but to follow them down to the planet where they have to fight not just the cyborgs but also forms of life a billion years more evolved than humans. Creatures that have grown tough and hardy in an attempt to cope with the increasingly harsh conditions that prevail there.As if things weren't bad enough, there is conflict among the ship's crew as they fight to decide which of them will be in charge and how they will meet the challenges facing them, and even if they survive all this they will still have to deal with the discovery of the ultimate fate that awaits all intelligent life in the universe...…

Victory's Son

Victory's Son

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~ "The Son of Victory will fall. He shall betray the one closest to them. He will slay the beast with one wing. The last to rise. The first to fall will return." Rachel closed her mouth and gasped for air. Annabeth looked at me coldly. Her face was unreadable as usual. It felt as though my whole world had just exploded on me. I opened my mouth to speak but my mind was racing. I couldn't look her in the eye. I knew who it had referred to. I couldn't bear the thought of hurting her. ~…

И это все реально

И это все реально

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Просто читайте 💋💋…

Mafia's Warrior Princess

Mafia's Warrior Princess

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Yong Cordelia Romano has had a bad life so far. Her mother had taken her away from her family and her twin, Yen Mira Romano. She's happy that the past won't chase her after her mother dies. Her life gets a bit complicated when she adds a sister, her father and 5 older protective brothers when she's spent most of her life alone. But she doesn't only have a big secret. Their secret is way bigger, what will happen when she finds out they're the Italian Mafia. And what will they find out about her...Warning: Voilence including torture and death, language, sexual assault, mature-ish content(Not edited)…



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"Excuse me!! How dare you to talk to me like this?? Do you know who I am?" He roared at Vanika in loud voice pointing his index finger towards her."Prime minister ke bete ho tum?? By growing this beard and height, are you thinking that you are training commander? Listen Mr. Whatever, I don't give a damn about your identity. So just leave my way." Vanika said putting his finger down by her index finger. He gave her a death glare and left from there while she smrinked .********************************************************She was standing in line with other IPS candidates but suddenly gets 440 volt shock when the same man she fought with came to stage throwing sharp glares at Vanika and said -"Good morning Candidates. I am Nirmay Oberoi growing this beard and height, are you considering yourself a training commanderoi your training commander. And from now you all will be trained under my guidance in these 11 months."********************************************************But both of them did not know that the tale which has started will go "𝙵𝚁𝙾𝙼 𝙷𝙴𝚁𝙴 𝚃𝙾 𝙴𝚃𝙴𝚁𝙽𝙸𝚃𝚈".…

Solarballs short stories!

Solarballs short stories!

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I don't know what to write here but enjoy ig!Art in the cover by Nyx's brainrot on Tumblr…

Murder in the big apple

Murder in the big apple

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Mia and her little brother, Trevor, are going on a two-week vacation in New York City. But the excitement takes a twist when their parents drop a bombshell-they're getting a new baby sibling. Overwhelmed, Mia escapes to an abandoned building where she stumbles upon something more shocking-a secret plot to commit murder against the president. Will Mia's unplanned journey reveal more than just family surprises? Find out in this suspenseful tale of emotions, secrets, and unexpected discoveries.…

세액공제확인서제작う 카톡 : VCD555  텔레그램: VCD555 ▣졸업증명서위조,최종학력증명서위조전문,국가기술자격증위조

세액공제확인서제작う 카톡 : VCD555 텔레그램: VCD555 ▣졸업증명서위조,최종학력증명서위조전문,국가기술자격증위조

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【졸업증명서위조】 ▷㉸톡ID: VCD555▷텔레그램:VCD555【졸업장위조】【신분증위조】 ✍【각종서류위조업체】✍✉메일:[email protected] 【대학교졸업증명서위조】▷㉸톡ID: VCD555▷텔레그램:VCD555신용✅안전✅신속✅보안✅업계최고✅…



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his addiction

his addiction

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the story revolves around, the girl who has everything in life, which people dream, she is settled to marry a nri guy ,her family selected but her life changes when a bad mafia politician who is her school crush and her brother's best friend comes to her roka ceremony and gets obsessed with her and story gets interesting when she also has same feelings for him , he is so obsessed and possessive for his things*English is not my language kindly excuse if their are any mistakes…