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Gmailing You

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The days when no technology existed, love was written on letters, eyes were met, hands were frequently intertwined and romance was real.

Going back to 1988 when distance separated two fated people letters and emails coexisted binding the lovers together.

What would you do if your best friend was in love with the person you love?

Every friendship that has started genuinely has always ended up with love. We have three characters with three stories when it's supposed to have only two ends.

Love will grow, bonds will become stronger, and distance will be craving to end but there are supposed to be only two endings, a happy one and a sad one. Do you think there can be a third ending? For the three of you?

Will the secret be revealed? Will hearts get broken? Will sacrifices be made? Will the love perish? Or new flowers will be bloomed?

Stay Tuned :)

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