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Forever It's You (It's You Series #2)

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Book 2 of It's You Series.

Soon to be titled as the Crown Princess of Joseon, Hwang Eun-bi struggles to adapt to the palace's life, but it isn't as easy as she thinks. What makes her days more bearable is her betrothed prince, Lee Yul, who can't seem to take his eyes and hands off her. After their marriage, they begin to work together to serve their nation.

When trouble challenges their love for each other, will they be able to tackle it together? Or will their path diverge?

Completed: 29/5/2023
(Word count: 50,000 - 60,000)

This story contains PG13 violence and is a work of fiction. Characters, organisations, name of places and incidents may not be historically accurate.

Highest rankings:
#120 in DiverseLit

Copyright © 2022-2023 by Kim_Knights
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