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First Love

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Anjali and Aditya met in college and became good friends from the start. Just as their relationship is about to take a turn and they start to develop feelings for each other misunderstandings pulls them apart. They come face to face again years later when Aditya's mother arranges a marriage between the two. Aditya coerces Angali to marry him eventhough he doesn't trust her completely and Anjali reluctantly agrees for marriage for own reasons.
After marriage Aditya once again shatters Anjali with accusations. Just as she decides to leave everything Aditya once again changes the rules of their marriage. Fed up with everything that is happening in her life Anjali is weary of trusting Aditya once again. Will these two clear all the misunderstandings between them and move past all the pain and heartache to come together forever?
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Osculum Obscenum - Obscene Kiss.

Osculum Obscenum - Obscene Kiss.

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Can Zephyr Addams, a lonely and secluded girl bring herself out of her fantasies over her almost killer?…

Welcome To Jurassic Hell

Welcome To Jurassic Hell

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Blake Pincus, the twin sister of Ben Pincus, isn't exactly like her brother in many aspects. She doesn't carry hand sanitizer around everywhere she goes, she doesn't fear so much as a speck of dirt getting on her clothes, and she doesn't get easily motion sick. That doesn't make the two all that different, however, and with a new journey ahead, there are chances for their relationship to grow beyond their shared introvertness.----When Blake Pincus and Ben Pincus are set up to go to Jurassic World's Camp Cretaceous, they expect a lot out of it. What they don't expect, is to be running for their lives from an angry dinosaur on the loose, terrorizing the entire island! They also don't expect to make friends and close bonds that may, depending on what happens on Isla Nublar, just change their lives for the better. But hey, life was never predictable, right?…



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"Who is this?" "who are you?"Cyno randomly got a text from an unknown number, doesn't know who it is but that doesn't mean the unknown person doesn't know him.cyno x fem!readerhigh school au…

"Look at me when I'm talking to you."

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Most of this story is out of pure boredom. And I don't expect anyone to read it.…

Ask or dare Casino cups (Cuphead)

Ask or dare Casino cups (Cuphead)

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All characters are up for asks!…

Mystic Lake

Mystic Lake "Luna de Muerte"© (En emisión)

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Sinópsis: Al pasar difíciles sucesos pasados, Tomás decide irse de Santiago y mudarse con su abuela a un pueblo en el estado de California para terminar su último año escolar antes de entrar a la universidad, este pueblo se llama Mystic Lake.Aquí conocerá a nuevos amigos e incluso un amorío, que le harán compañía en el pequeño pueblo, asimismo, tendrá una rivalidad con uno de sus compañeros de clase, esto provocará sucesos inesperados en los que descubrirá secretos de su familia y de los habitantes de Mystic Lake... Secretos que parecen salidos de un libro de fantasía urbana y sobrenatural...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.¡¡IMPORTANTE LEER LA NOTA QUE DEJÉ XD ANTES DEL PRIMER CAPÍTULO!!…



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comment for a dt !…

"In Love With A Myth"

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Summary; The foundation knows about the demigods thinking they are anomalous kids, Shiloh makes the hard decision to break up with Althea for both of their protection, however some secrets give out clues..______________Greetings, this might be my first story that is not a one-shot so let's get started, I don't own the SCP foundation nor Do I own Percy Jackson and other books created by Rick Riordan.I only own my OCs.And some ocs aren't mine they belong to my friend Allie!…

Castle Cats Screenshots

Castle Cats Screenshots

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These are all my pictures except for the cover and the pic of Beans! Dedicated to @GillyMint232…

Life Forever Changes | Steve Rogers

Life Forever Changes | Steve Rogers

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SECOND IN THE SERIES!!Harley Brookes now knows of her father, but things have gone to shit. Her life hasn't been boring in forever, which is what she thought she wanted, and now everything has turned upside down as most of her friends are gone.Follow her on the adventure of a lifetime; all she wants is a family, friends, and to help people. When things start to rapidly change, for better and for worse, she tries to keep up. This isn't exactly how she planned on doing good for the world, but she'll try her best to do whatever she can. Whatever she needs to. Even when she messes up, she learns from her mistakes and keeps going.Maybe being away from certain super soldier and almost everyone else she knew will take things to whole new levels she never thought possible.It's time for Harley to sink or swim. She hasn't made it this far just to sink. She'll create her new life and become so successful that she'll never need to rely on anyone ever again.…