Fighting For Mason(COMPLETED) (✔️)

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This book is dedicated to all fighters either battling life threatening diseases, life problems, depression or anything at all.

Keep fighting 'cause you are not alone and contrary to what some people may make you believe, you'll are the real MVPs! 💝

Hailey is like every teenager out there.
She dreams of going to college, finding her Mr Right, getting married and having the perfect ever after.

But not all dreams come true.

Hailey is diagnosed with a brain tumor during her summer after her eleventh grade and is told that she only has 1% chance of survival if she goes for surgery. Hailey decides not to go for surgery 'cause there is no point giving herself false hope.

Hailey succeeds in pushing everyone away except one person.

"The project for this semester is called 'Handcuffed together.' You all will be paired with a partner for three months. During this three months you will try to learn everything about your partner. His/her likes, favorite food, future dreams and all of that.
You can have sleepovers, road trips, movie nights. Whatever works to make your project a success.
This project is aimed at breaking old cliche friendship circle and expanding your horizons. There are good friends out there you just have to look out of your bubble."

Hailey is paired with Mason Lightning whom she shares a love-hate relationship since their childhood.

Friendships are established and insecurities are broken.

Hailey has decided if there is one person worth fighting for its for Mason.

He's given her the reason to live.

She decides to dwell on the 1% success and fight for her life.

Read to find out how Mason and Hailey face life challenges and show life they have thousand reasons to smile.
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