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Evie & Adams | LGBTQ+

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Meet Evie ElClaire, the beautiful queen bee of Mount Georgia High, daughter of a rich business tycoon and American socialite. Surrounded by her inner circle of beauty queens and dazzling sports star boyfriend, she has it all.

So why does it not feel like enough?

Enter Roxy Adams, sexy badass from the next town over. She's loud and hot headed, with a troubled past and a list of broken-hearted ex lovers as long as her record.

Both untouchable, both desperately needing to be seen. Can friendship lead to true love? Or do sparks always fizzle out?

What follows is a story of drinking, friendship, double personalities, family drama, lies and self discovery. Evie must figure out what she wants, who she wants to be. Roxy must learn to open up her heart and trust in unconditional love. Both must decide what's worth fighting for, society acceptance or a little bit of unconventional love?

A 'History Rewritten' Novella

NOTE: mild use of language ahead, along with appropriate but steamy sexual references (M rated - no sex scenes)
Rated #12 in ComingOut on 01/07/2020
Rated #2 in AwardWinning on 06/09/2020
Rated #1 in girlxgirl on 26/09/2020
Rated #20 in Teenager on 30/09/2020

CREDIT: The beautiful cover above was made by the incredibly talented @paintfairy definitely go check out her graphics book!
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My artbook

My artbook

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Just some of my drawings and edits…



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I have a boy friend who is rich, handsome and cute, my brother and I are close to his parents, but one day his parents invited us because it was his daddy's birthday, but going out with her will be in danger, when we entered the my friend's house there was no doubt after we ate we said goodbye to leave but that was the day that my brother, my best friend and his parents and took away my sister and I was the only one left, at that time i promise to my self that I will be brave and strong and also i change my name after that incident.8 YEARS PASSED..."I was training at Taekwondo gym to know how to fight and protect myself from strangers, and im also 2019 Taekwondo Champion, now I'm here at the gym to train" Araya was preparing for the upcoming competition that will be held next month when suddenly the his opponents."Oww! Wow, that's great, ahh, but I don't think that will work for me, you're still a sucker" they laughed at the same time and joined in as well."You know, every trash has a worth than a fake like you" said araya and then he left while eunice looked at araya walking out away and looks very furious."ahhhhhhg..." Eunice shouted.While Araya was walking to the parking lot, he didn't realize that his phone had fallen.araya opened his car and got in then he started it and left without knowing she left something he only realized that when he was close to his house."Come on! Where's my phone? omggghhadd I think I dropped it in the parking lot" she drove back to gym at the parking lot, after she got out of the car she saw a handsome and tall guy holding her phone so she approached It."Wait! Phone koyan ahhh san muyan nikakwan" Araya immediately grabbed his phone but he raised his hand so he was forced to reach for it."Don't you know who I am?" said the man while Araya tried to reach for his phone."How could I know I'm not the past" said Araya."Because I am your future" after hearing that araya fell down in the chest of the boy and shocked.…

The Whispers of Monsoon~

The Whispers of Monsoon~

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-Heyyyy guyssss, how have ya'll beenI missed you ya'll soo muchhhh...So there's a sad news i lost my First acc....i closed it due to my schl nd all but now i can't fine it but i made new acc for u'll....this is the first story i am going to write keep i can come up with new new booksss~ Love ya'll enjoy the book~Whispers of the Monsoon" is a captivating love story set against the backdrop of the enchanting monsoon season in India. The story unfolds in a lush, rain-kissed landscape where the heavens open up, unleashing the rhythmic downpour that drenches the land in a symphony of sound and scent.In this tale, two souls Avni and Rishi find themselves drawn together amidst the mystical allure of the monsoon. They navigate the complexities of their lives, their paths intertwining in unexpected ways. The monsoon becomes a metaphor for the turbulent emotions and passionate desires that surge within them, mirroring the intensity of their growing connection.…

"ငါ့သားက လူဆိုးလေး ဖြစ်နေတယ်"

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လူဆိုးလေး ကောင်ငယ်လေးရဲ့ အကြောင်း ဘယ်လိုတွေ ဖြစ်လာမလဲ ဆိုတာ ကဲ ဖတ်သာကြည့်လိုက်တော့…

The Strange Snivy | a PMD/Pokèpark 2 Crossover au | yeet

The Strange Snivy | a PMD/Pokèpark 2 Crossover au | yeet

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This is a PMD hypothetical fangame idea where the player or Y/N meets a snivy who calls herself Sniv, she's different than everyone else at Wigglytuff's guild, she acts... strange... she always sneaks out in the middle of the night, she only uses three out of four moves, she's never there too long during dinner, and when anyone asks her where she's going when she sneaks out, she says either "I'm going to visit some adoptive family." or "I'm going to visit my adoptive father." and no one pushes the subject, which is odd in itself.…

حظه يكسر الحصى

حظه يكسر الحصى

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!.. قصه بدويه و كشته و بر و سفر و طلعات و من هالحركات...المهم فيه خرابيط حب .. بما انه الروايات الاماراتيه اغلبها هالخرابيط .. بس يلا اول روايه اسويها .. اتمنى الدعمم و شكرا…

Eternal Bliss (النعيم الأبدي)

Eternal Bliss (النعيم الأبدي)

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" If something happen to me don't think of me as if we were meant to be together ; Promise yourself that you'll act like the way you always act towards me."Her hatefilled venomous words are valuable now to him. These words are echoing through his stupid brain. His heart is filled ghastly with terror. The odor of alcohol is diffusing from him. Which he never did before. Just one thing 'regret' he is feeling. Regret for suspecting her with Mahir. Regret for making things difficult for her without knowing the difficulties of her life. His swollen eyes are stinging through the cries as he was walking across the street like a mad deaf. Too deaf to hear the horn of double decker. And it ran over him before he could realise the surrounding around himself. ***Read 1st two chapters for long description and character introduction. Reviews : ~Yeah I must agree the starting is very nice and also the introduction of characters is lit @mfairoz18~It has a really good start ! It's descriptive and I like how you explained islamic terms for those who may not know. I love it <3 @crumbsvx~As expected your starting will make viewers to read further!!! @Positive_Pages~Your story is really good and intriguing looking forward to read and explore more of it !!! @UzmaSolanki~Nice start @NNurulys…



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"စမြင်တဲ့နေ့ထဲက ခုထိ ခိုင့်အမူအယာ ခိုင့်အပြုံး ခိုင့်စကားသံ ခိုင့်ပုံရိပ် ခိုင့်အငွေ့အသက် ခိုင်နဲ့ပတ်သက်သမျှ အရာရာဟာ ဒီရင်ထဲကို တိုးဝှေ့နေဆဲပါ ခိုင်..."…



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This is not mine, this story is made by Kritiko Apollo…

THE BOOK  ( ongoing )

THE BOOK ( ongoing )

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Sometimes we tend to pretend that we are strong enough to endure pain. But sometimes we want to change our past. I'm one of them. Hi! I'm nirjala, it's my first story. I hope you'll love it!! NAME: THE BOOK LANGUAGE: English ENJOY!!!!…