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"The only promise I can make is to not be the reason for her tears, with the presumption that she is righteous," was what he said when my father asked him to promise my happiness.

"The women who could never bear a son," is how people described me.

The undesirable women whom no one wanted.

The women whose only potential groom was a 65 year old man or so I thought.....until the most desirable man of the Five Kingdoms stormed into my wedding.

The most feared, the most handsome, and the most honoured general of the Five Kingdoms.

The Great General whose dream is to make expand the Empire to capture the entire Nine Kingdoms and gift it to his friend King Devendra Sankarnath Veer Suryavansi

"I have no desire of a heir," he said.

"My love, loyalty and life is dedicated to the Five Kingdoms," he said.

"I will claim her as my wife," he said, "The freedom, respect, and honor she would get as the wife of General Randheera Prithviraj Veer Chowdary is way beyond the respect she would gain from being the desire fulfilling wife of an old man."

"You don't need this marriage to stay secure," he said looking into my eyes, "Your happiness needs no sacrifice." "Hold my hand. Be my wife. I will not promise love, but I promise to provide you everything else that your father desired for you."

I did not have an answer. I did not know how to answer.

I was always told what I should do. This is the first time someone told me why I should do it. This is the first time someone looked at me to make a deicision.

I looked at his extended hand and then at my father who slightly nodded.

I looked back at him. He patiently waited for an answer and with fear and hesitation I held his hand.

That is how I went from being "Yashoda Govardhana Chanchalani" a tribal women to "Yashoda Randheera Chowdary" the wife of the honourable general.
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