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Demon Slayer X Reader ONE SHOTS

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Ello beautiful reader!

(I started this book when I was still learning how to write. So the first few one shots are honestly really not that well-written. I am still an amateur at writing to this day, but I still suggest you to read the most latest ones if you want to read stories with decent writing :) )

Let's just say.. it's just some fan fic stories about You and Demon Slayer Characters!

but anyway.. some bad writing skills are up ahead but some romantic stories so.. come on let's cringe together! :D

•Y/n's Gender in each One Shot Codes
❤️ - Female
💙 - Male
💜- Gender Neutral


Yandere Characters🔪
Love Triangles/Harems💞
Modern🏨/Highschool📚 AU


Book cover info:

Book cover updated on: 3/21/2022
Fonts and edits - PetalOnUrFace
Picture: Mugen Train Movie Scene
App used - Text On Photo

I obviously do not own Demon Slayer, it Is own by the one and only Koyoharu Gotōnge.
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