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Danganronpa V3.5: Restart of Lies

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Some stories has an end. Journey has an end as well.. some times theres bad ending and good ending.. or maybe theres another ending who isnt bad or isnt good..

But.. there is some stories thats been re written.. a different journey, a different plot, different lives.. and different destiny..

What happens.. If your life is going back through the start.. What will you do?

Fix your mistake?

Find a way to go back to the present?

Complete the unacheived dream?

Restarting something is like a video game where you died, you just restart all over again..

But lets face the truth.

Even tho you actually restart everything..

Doesn't mean everything will be fixed.. In fact, what happen the restart is just going to make things worse?

No one knows..

Theres no restart in life..


Or was there..?

Who knows..?

Even so, if your restart are also different, what would you do?

What if your life was different?

What if your the same person you thought to be?

What if your life before never existed if you have a chance to restart your life?

Life is filled with unsolved mystery

Prologue: Something Bad, Everyone's Suspicious [COMPLETED]
Chapter 1: Where The Sky Falls Into Red [Daily Life]

{Something you guys must knew:
- Different Talents
- Different Antagonist
- Different Protagonist
- Different Supporters
- Some Ships that will be included (but platonics is the most one)
- Some Characters will be OOC.
- Sensitive Subjects (obviously)
May be you like?


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