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Dancing with the Badboy

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I was surprised when she ran her hands down my abs, almost to the waist band of my pants.

"Mila," I warned, watching her bite back a smile. There was unmistakable tension around us and I had no idea where it came from. Maybe it was the alcohol.

I stared down at her, watching the sultry look on her face.

"What are you doing to me," I muttered, resting my forehead against hers. I barely had a chance to blink before her lips were pressed against mine. My hands found their way to her hips, gripping them tightly as she tugged at my hair. Spinning her around, I pinned her against the wall.

It felt like my lungs were going to burst as I pulled away, breathing hard. Mila gazed up at me, her eyes glazed over and cheeks pink. She reached up, wiping what I'm assuming was her lipstick from my lips.

I couldn't help but lean down and press my lips against hers again. It was almost as if I was addicted to the way she fit against my body.

"Ajax, we're both drunk," she gasped as I bit down on her ear gently.

We could deal with the consequences later.

TW: Mentions of Anxiety, Depression, and some suicidal thoughts

Some Mature content - I'll put a warning before ;)

Highest ranking in Romance - #8 12/20
Highest ranking in Dance - #1 12/22
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