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Crack The Job

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"We should do it."

"So... You mean?" He looked confused, trying hard to not misunderstand her words.

"Marry me."

And there he knew by the look in her eyes that she wasn't kidding.


After getting kicked out of her former job, Payal decides to use her brother-in-law's connection to get a job in a supermarket. Although it seemed simple to work a nine-to-five job with no extra hours and a good sum of money, the job came with a requirement.

Everyone in the supermarket must be married.

A ridiculous requirement but what else could she do? The last thing she wanted was to stay back at home and be jobless. With the help of Siddharth, the senior back at college, she is backed up to fulfil the requirement. Taking love as just a second preference, they ride in together on this twisted journey.

She just needs to get the job, isn't it? Can she keep the game on and crack the job or will the lies finally fall apart?



#1 in rumour
#2 in supermarket
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