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Bodyguard's Love

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Luana Aubretia is the princess of Auvrovaria, the most powerful empire in the world. Daughter of Emperor Arthur and the deceased Empress Isadora who died giving birth to her.

As the princess's 18th birthday approached, the Order of the Imperial Knights who had been sent on a mission three years ago came back victorious, led by their new captain, Lucas Koraxos, who was also known as their hero.

During the ceremony of their return, the young captain was appointed by the emperor to the position of the princess's personal bodyguard. A decision that surprised everyone including the princess herself.

"I will protect you until my last breath, Your Highness."

Why did the emperor suddenly decide to appoint the captain of the knights to that position?

And why does Sir Koraxos look at her with such passion in his eyes?


🏅1 - Bodyguard (1/09/2022)
🏅1 - Knight (01/10/2022)
🏅1 - Nobles (07/11/2022)
🏅2 - Royalty (31/01/2022)
🏅2 - Femalelead (31/03/2022)
🏅2 - Historical (09/08/2022)
🏅3 - Princess (29/08/2022)
🏅3 - Soulmates (07/09/2022)
🏅4 - Imperial (19/03/2022)
🏅4 - Magicalcreatures (20/07/2022)
🏅4 - Captain (20/08/2022)
🏅4 - Firstlove (28/10/2022)
🏅5 - Fantasy-romance (30/08/2022)
🏅7- Emperor (01/04/2022)
🏅8- Magic (05/05/2022)
🏅26 - Empress (01/04/2022)
🏅29 - Sweet-romance (30/03/2022)
🏅29 - Love (20/08/2022)
🏅31 - Romance (31/01/2022)


🥈- 2nd place in the Cappuccino Book Awards 2021 in Romance
🥈- 2nd place in the Majestic Constellation awards 2022 in Romance
🥉- 3rd place in the Philosopher Awards 2022 in Romance
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[BL] The Villain Pretends to be Poor After I Transmigrated into the Book

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The Villain Pretends to be Poor After I Transmigrated into the BookAssociated Name穿书后反派装穷了[娱乐圈]Author燕行Status in COO112 Chapters + 1 ExtraQu Heqing has excellent acting skills and outstanding talent. Although he is not doing good right now, he still lives a happy life.Unexpectedly, in the blink of an eye, he transmigrated into cannon fodder in a dog-blood novel-an 18th-line actor who was on the verge of getting out from the entertainment circle due to debt.In order not to live on the streets, Qu Heqing once again embarked on the road of acting.Explosive web drama? National movie?As long as it is a film or television drama he is participating in, there is nothing unpopular.The fans call him humanoid koi!But no one knew, Qu Heqing thought his good friend Yu Cong is the real human-shaped koi.When they first met, Yu Cong was just a fake rich man with a high imitation watch. But in a blink of an eye, Yu Cong turned into a small boss.Qu Heqing was both happy and worried.Qu Heqing: "Brother Yu, no need to invest in the entertainment industry for me, it's too expensive."Yu Cong: "I have money."Qu Heqing: "These are all your hard-earned money, It's not like you have a mine."Yu Cong: "I also have a mine."Qu Heqing: ???Didn't you say you were poor and had no money?!⚠️MTL.Poor Quality ⚠️All Credits to the original author.For offline Purpose Only…

Cent University

Cent University

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Demon outside, demon inside?…

Dont cry this story is super emotional 😭😥😰

Dont cry this story is super emotional 😭😥😰

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im under the wata pls help me 😭 } credits to the owner of the pic 😍🤩…

Ant and Dec Fan long and short Stories written by Chloe Barrow 1000

Ant and Dec Fan long and short Stories written by Chloe Barrow 1000

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To Entertain the Readers as Ant and Dec do. Fans of Ant and Dec…

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لماذا القاك الله بقلبي وبنصف طريق الحياة عثرني الله بك ، رغم تلك الظروف القاسية رغم الجبروت العائلي والفروقات العمريه بيننا وكل ما هو صعب قد وجدته في طريق السير اليك ، كان طريقاً مملؤ بالاشواك وانا اسير إليك حافية الاقدام والدماء تنزف من قلبي وعيني ثم اجري بكل قوة لكوني لمحتك بآخر الطريق رأيت نورًا يضيء منك هناك من بعيد وانا اجري نحو طريق مزهر متورد به دواء لجروح قلبي لا تبتعد انني اقترب منك و اسقي ذلك الطريق بالدعاء لعل الله يرحم ضعف حيلتي فيجعلك لي دائم ، ولعله ذات يوم يستجيب لدعائي .…

WA 0813-2565-0007 jasa Pemasangan Plafon PVC YOGYAKARTA SLEMAN SEWON

WA 0813-2565-0007 jasa Pemasangan Plafon PVC YOGYAKARTA SLEMAN SEWON

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WA 0813-2565-0007 jasa Pemasangan Plafon PVC YOGYAKARTA SLEMAN SEWON…

Incorrect Quotes 6 [Rainimator AUs]

Incorrect Quotes 6 [Rainimator AUs]

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Keeping these descriptions simple now-I do not own any characters in this bookAll characters belong to RainimatorExcept for Default or characters that I mention ARE mine in my Yeet NotesI do not use the Conversation Board on my profile; I have a book called Announcement/Note Book Thing where I post updates on my books & other stuffI also have a posting schedule for this book in my profile desp thing if ya wanna check it outThis book is full of My Rainimator AUs so may contain ships the reader may not likeBut these are usually just random shenanigan types of quotes…

Undercover - In China  -  Book 7

Undercover - In China - Book 7

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Time Agent Triple Oh plans to trap Murga in Hong Kong without telling me I'm the bait. When Murga's thugs kidnap me with a helicopter, Triple Oh is forced to rescue me and he does not know how to fly.Yonnie and Treeka, daughter programs of Dr Zhang's quantum computer, Mandia, annoyed that Murga is using Mandia for illegal time travel, send Murga to Han China in 208 CE.When he returns, Murga retaliates by sending Dr Zhang and his engineer, Denny, back to Han China. And Yonnie and Treeka cannot bring them back to Silverwood School unless Licia, Miguel and I find them.Unfortunately, we arrive in Xiangyang, China just as the warlord, Cho Cho, invades Jingzhou Province with a huge army.Author's note. This work is based on The Three Kingdoms, a romanticized history of the end of the Han Dynasty, attributed to Luo Guanzhou and first published in 1522 CE. Contemporary critics noted that about 70% was historically accurate. This is the 7th book in the Undercover series which begins with Undercover - On the Titanic. The second book is Undercover - White Out. You might like to read earlier books first but feel free to start with this one if you wish. I expect to complete publication of this edition in December 2022. My grateful thanks to all those dedicated readers who have read this far. I hope you have as much fun reading about the protagonists as I have writing their adventures. I appreciate stars, questions, comments and suggestions and I promise to acknowledge all feedback.…



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Ánh đèn mờ ảo, không gian chật hẹp, tiếng nhạc ồn ào...Tại quán bar hỗn tạp này, Dịch Tích lại đột nhiên thấy thân ảnh của Từ Nam Nho, bước chân kiên định, bóng dáng lạnh lùng bước tới.Bạn cô còn chưa để ý thấy sự bất thường của cô, còn chọc tay cô, vừa cười vừa nói, "Nữ hoàng quán bar sao lại không nhảy nữa?"Dịch Tích phản ứng chậm rì rì, mặt đưa đám nhìn người đang đi tới, "Chào Từ... thầy Từ."Nhân ngày kỷ niệm thành lập trường 100 năm, Dịch Tích cùng đám bạn học về thăm trường cũ.Một người bạn từng học chung nhìn về phía bục giảng, nơi người đàn ông trẻ tuổi đang đứng phát biểu mà buồn rầu nói "Thầy Từ sao lại đi cưới vợ chứ, làm lãng phí khuôn mặt đẹp như vậy."Nhớ tới cảnh tượng hỗn loạn tối qua trên sô pha, Dịch Tích liền nhếch môi cười, "Loại người có vẻ ngoài đứng đắn như vậy luôn hấp dẫn ong bướm, cậu không biết sao?"…