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Beautifully Broken Mind

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She was rainbow bright and colorful
He was the storm before it dark and gray

She was the sun rising quietly into the day
He was the moon shining brightest in the dark

She found all the right colors to paint his blank canvas
He found all the right words to fill her blank spaces

She was the dream and he was her mind
He was the 'no you're not' to her 'I'm fine'

She was the sun shining through his gray earth
He was the comfort and love to her hurt

When Valeria Grace lost her mom five years ago...the demons in her head began their screaming.

When Kayden Jackson's life fell apart one year ago...fires of hell began their igniting.

When Valeria's world collides with Kayden's and they're both hurting...

Will his hell-like hurting heart be able to mend her beautifully broken mind? Or will they both fall apart trying?

**Updates once or twice a week
Cover by: @herondalesangel7
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