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M E R E D I T H is a princess without a country. Her family, formerly the royal family of Borgavia, has been exiled from their home, forced to live under the rule of the Empire of Astoria.

A N T O N Y is a prince who doesn't want a crown. Soon to be king of Astoria, he will inherit the empire his family built before him. Though glorious, it has become an empire built on blood. Antony has his work cut out for him to restore trust among the empire's citizens and to rebuild the parts that have fallen to disrepair in the wake of former kings' desires only for conquests.

A R E B E L L I O N is rising. In the midst of the gathering tide, Meredith will swallow her pride and go to King's City for a job in the palace, all in the name of supporting her family.

N O O N E in the king's palace is aware that their newest servant is more than a servant, and Meredith plans on keeping it that way.

H O W E V E R, the best laid plans are often upset.

copyright sovthampton | micah good
all rights reserved; completed 2014
highest: 65 in fantasy
Featured by Hidden Gems: Fantasy
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0812-8880-6279 (WA), Jual rumah Cipedak…

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The universe gave me another chance after life screwed me over. My second life brought me to a world where people breath fire, walk on water and some people with special eyes that give them bullsh#t powers. Well, I got the gamer ability. And I'm gonna use it to stand at the peak. But it's gonna be a long journey before I reach that summit. SI - MC.------------------------This is the SECOND Volume of the book.Updates 3 to 4 times a week.Checkout my patre on site.www.pat…

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you are my life

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Kya hai dosti

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so guys this is My first story please ignores My grammar mitsake and give me views…