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"Please, sir."

He stared at her with glittering eyes, his fingers once again steepled. He appeared to take pity on her a second later and rose from his seat. "My office Ms. Sanders."

Feeling jittery and angry, she stood. On unsteady legs Christy followed her boss, ignoring the curious looks she was receiving. She felt nerves and something far more potent swirl in her stomach as she left the conference room behind.

The minute they stepped into his office, three things happened. The door slammed, the walls went dark and her back was roughly pushed up against the glass. Christy didn't have a second to protest as a wall of heavy muscles thrust against her and she gasped at the unbound pleasure ricocheting through her body.

Mr. Humack buried his head between her neck and shoulder and let loose a growl that had a stab of pleasure accosting her most secret place...
He bit her shoulder and she yelped. His deep baritone was smooth with husky passion that made her shiver. "I will have you, Christal."

It wasn't a promise. It was a threat.
Christal Sanders had expected great things from her new job as a Space Pod designer and Current Affairs rep. Unfortunately, after six and a half cycles of working for Mr. Humack, reality was a little too much to stomach, after all her high expectations were reduced to little more than silent treatments and the occasionally frosty glare directed her way.
She was convinced this couldn't be all there was to her life so she filed a vacation request, but it was denied. Her boss wouldn't let her leave, and that's when things got weird.

She found herself having a string of bad luck, and a not-so-epic faint, that ultimately revealed something that would change her life completely... Of course, not before it tied her to the Jude that had caused it all, Her boss. And now they had no choice but to be joined at the hip while trouble follows them across the universe.
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Knight Vs TechnoMaster: Behind the Story

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This is a introduction to how this storybook you have just read was created. An introduction to both the author and the story you have seen. If you haven't read the story yet, I suggest you do that first before reading this.…

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i need to buy a gun😀

i need to buy a gun😀

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im posting my rants/complaints here bc i dont wanna bother my friends with them actually ive just decided that ill just post wtvr i feel like. nO LiMitS…