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"Move or I'll put soap in your eyes." I warned, as Ocean continued to block every step of mine.

"You're the one who's in MY way... YOU move." He commanded with a hint of amusement in his voice.

"If you don't move I'll nipple cripple you..." I threatened making him bring his arms up to cover his chest.

"Why would you want to violate mine when I always take good care of yo-" I slapped my hand over his face before the word left his mouth.
A pack surrounded by tall walls. No one could come in, no one could get out.
An Alpha notorious for using guns instead of claws. Why? No one knows.

Since Naya first met Ocean, she knew he's been hiding something from her. What? She was dying to find out. After all, she was an Alpha herself. It was uncommon for two Alpha's to imprint on each other. But, nothing about Ocean and Naya was normal. They had extraordinary secrets and with extraordinary responsibilities.

But they must figure out their purpose quickly, before time runs out.

Before someone else much more powerful catches up to them. Someone who's been around for centuries.
~ Warning: This is a NON CLICHE story that doesn't normal werewolf trope on here. There are no rouges, no cliche packs or pack wars or crazy over brooding Alphas.
This is a high fantasy werewolf novel. It will not follow the usual werewolf rules nor is it set in this world.~

Editor: Zoriey and Sweet_Lovexx
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Fallen Mates

Fallen Mates

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My name is Octiva Mitchell. I am apart of the Dark shadow moon pack. My 18th birthay is coming up along with my first shift. A lot of pressure is on me. I've always felt like I never belonged here. My whole pack are dark color wolves and they toss out anyone that appears a lighter shade. (Hence the name of our pack). Everyone has dark color hair besides me. I have a snow white color. Everyone looks at me diffently because of that. They always make me feel unwanted here. I can't wait til my birthday to finally leave and hunt for my mate.The day finally comes! My birthday. My one way ticket out of this pack that I could never call home. It's tradition for families to be present for the first shift. It's usually done in the woods where the opening of the tree line reaches a small body of water so the moons rays can be absord during each shift. But for me? No one wanted to witness my first shift. They all thought cause of my snow color hair that I'd be kicked out anyways. As It got closer to the time for me to go shift. I head out alone. Once I got there the scenery was so breathe taken. Even tho I was alone. It didn't feel that way. I had a weird feeling someone or something was there watching me. I ignore it and continued with the process.As I looked up to the moon I could feel pain. like my bones breaking to make it's form. I pushed out the feeling and let go. I let my wolf take control. After what seemed like a life time I finally looked at the water to see my reflection. As I specked. I'm a full on white wolf. Tears of joy and sadness began to excape my eyes. But then I heard a low growl in the tree lines. A voice came into my head. "Mate!" A feeling like no other came rushing over me. But before I could process what was going on. It disappeared. Who was that???…

Behind The Dark

Behind The Dark

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In a peaceful City. Same kind of murder had happened. Detective Harry and mark took this case. Will they solve it? After a week, a block plastic bag was founded with full of flesh and blood. Is it a human? After that Harry was studying a case, he got a call "Hello".…

8 Of Them & 1 Of Me
Transformers: Beast Adventures - The Frozen Kingdom

Transformers: Beast Adventures - The Frozen Kingdom

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When an ancient kingdom of hunters threatens to freeze Animatron into an eternal Absolute Zero hell, the Maximals and the Pirates team up to stop them. But, they need the help of the Snow Queen to do it.…

난드롤론도매	╔톡ᐯᴾᴺ3╗	페니드구입	휴마로그구입	위고비팝니다	정품삭센다	클렌부테롤처방	디볼사진

난드롤론도매 ╔톡ᐯᴾᴺ3╗ 페니드구입 휴마로그구입 위고비팝니다 정품삭센다 클렌부테롤처방 디볼사진

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바디빌딩복용법 ┎톡νρᑎ3┓ 보디빌딩매니아효능 바디빌딩매니아구입처 시피오성분 마스택배 스테로이드약물의효과 시프구입스테로이드연고혈당 ⌊톡ᐯᑭᑎ3⌋ 디아나볼팝니다 스테로이드주사부작용치료 물뽕전후 프리모처방 볼드 마즙위염서스펜션효과 【카톡VPN3> 미약 스테로이드잔류기간 프로피쿡에어프라이어 스테로이드항생제부작용 테스토스테론저하 스테로이드여드름아나볼릭코리아판매 ≺카톡VPN3】 마스트구입방법 놀바덱스정품 다이여트판매 이퀴포이즈구입방법 정품아나바 스테로이드부작용기간튜리나볼스택 ⌞톡ᐯᑭᑎ3⌝ 옥시메토론 단백동화스테로이드가격 이퀴구매대행 마스트종류 졸피뎀작업후기 스틸녹스사망윈스트롤부작용 ⌊톡ᐯᑭᑎ3⌋ 서스타논경구 클렌부테롤팝니다 시피오구입방법 에페드린전후 데카듀라볼린정품 암브로콜후기테스토스테론저하 〖톡ᴠᑭᑎ3〗 스테로이드연고효과 옥산드롤론정품 스테로이드체중증가 스테로이드잔류기간 스테로이드일베 정품클렌스테로이드크림부작용 ⌞톡ᐯᑭᑎ3⌝ 보디빌더종류 휴마로그스택 트랜볼론효과 아나볼릭구입처 프리모캐시 서스펜션클로미펜단독 「톡ⓥⓟᴺ3」 아나볼릭효능 윈스트롤종류 T3도매 프로피오후기 보디빌딩후기 클렌부테롤부작용…

Not Gonna Lie

Not Gonna Lie

26 64 58

Lyra Steel's reputation can be summed up in one word: b*tch. Aside from being beautiful and talented, she's notorious for her brutal honesty. But when she slips up in front of her crush, Atlas Graham, any affection he may have had for her quickly fades. To win him over, Lyra decides to not follow her father's honest method for once. So she decided to start from the scratch to make things right. Thus, Lyra started making amends with Hunter Pierce, the guy whose social life she single-handedly destroyed. When they connect over a computer game he's developing, Lyra Steel is surprised to realise that she might be warming up to Hunter. He appreciates her honesty in a way Atlas never did, but the lengths she pursued to gain Atlas's attention has brought her to Hunter in the first place. Does Lyra choose what she wants or what she needs? This is not your regular highschool cliche, if you wanted one, you are in a wrong page:) Let's get down to the roller coaster of Lyra's Crush, heartbreak, Daddy issues which she wins with her brutally honest nature.…

The Anthem of Summer | Ateez

The Anthem of Summer | Ateez

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Summer has come as every year and with no school for the next two months, Wooyoung invites his two city friends, Hongjoong and Mingi over to his small town by the seaside, where festivals and parties are an almost everyday occurance. Together with his school friend, Yeosang, they promise to have lots of fun this year yet why do they keep running into their schoolmates in almost every chance they get? Ships :SeongjoongJongsangWoosanYungiMainly fluff story…

February: My Model Valentine

February: My Model Valentine

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Cody Foles has always been close friends with super model Alexis Wentz since their elementary days. But they couldn't be more opposite. Cody, nerdy, introvert, and a skilled photographer. Alexis, extrovert, hot, and among the most popular of models. In spite of achieving a level of fame and success worldwide, she always uses him as her favorite photographer.But Cody is getting fed up with Alexis being a bit bossy lately and yearns for an opportunity to expand his photography. When Cody is hired to shoot for a rival model, Alexis gets a feeling of jealousy. She worries that the model is interested in him for more than pictures. With an upcoming major Valentine's Day shoot coming, Alexis must find a way to remind Cody that he works for her and more.…

One sided reveal

One sided reveal

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Marinette have So many Secrets that She have been hiding from her kitty but what will happen when she is forced to reveal all her secrets infront of him even her secret identity how he will react? will he hate her forever? or forgive her? will he be disappointed by her? how he will he be able to Process all of this? how will he digest the fact that he was Akumatized in the future?…

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