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Alpha Logan (#1 In The Alpha Series)

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It basically all started with a strip tease, outside in the freezing cold of winter in New Hampshire, with all his warriors watching.

Lily didn't ask for an Alpha mate. She knows what a package deal they are. Possessive, lustful, and territorial. But she couldn't love him more for it.

Logan didn't expect to find his mate. Or to find a mate who was so strong and powerful. Who didn't even know she was to be a Luna until one blustery cold night. He watched her use her Luna tone on a boy she hates, he watched with pride.

Or until she started taking her clothes off...


✏️ In process of editing! I wrote this awhile ago and my writing style has changed since, I'm taking out the less cringe worthy parts.✏️

Cover made by the talented @glacieted
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Fierc3."[email protected]"

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Due to an accident, a rich and handsome man from modern society became a man's w1fe in ancient society.Just being a man's w1fe was not enough.His husband was also a secondhand product w1th two children.Just be1ng a secondhand product was not enough.The secondhand man was also a poor and ugly man, who was bl1nd in one [email protected] was very dissatisfied with this.Very, very [email protected]

Zdmn (OS)

Zdmn (OS)

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zdmn stories#karan # monami #koel #faizi #sid #sanju…



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Will you kill for "love" ?[Chaeyoung x Female Reader]…



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cor·roded (past or present tense)^destroy or weaken (something) gradually-Requests currently open, read rules before requesting.-Oneshots of various characters from fandoms/franchises.-Contains possibly triggering subjects and themes. SFW INTERACTION ONLY. NO SEXUAL OR SUGGESTIVE COMMENTS OR REQUESTS-Any characters mentioned or used within do not belong to me and go to their respective creators.Book belongs to me. (likelyunhinged on Wattpad)Cover does not belong to me.-Semi-slow updates. A fair warning.Most characters may be out of character.I'm still new to writing so grammar and spelling mistakes are common.Book is subject to change.…

The Price We Pay     #3 in Merciless Series

The Price We Pay #3 in Merciless Series

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There are ways of dying that do not end with a funeral. Types of deaths you can't see, feel or smell. Because death, just like love, has a mind of its own and some things can't be prevented. What started as an innocent high school quest in search of truth and revenge quickly turned into something entirely else. Something that Aspen Cornwell never anticipated. Something that shatters her entire reality, leaving her without an idea what to do next. She has lost almost everything that mattered to her so losing herself doesn't really make that much of a difference to her.When Collin Adamms returns back with a new dose of truth about what really happened to Courtney Chapel, alongside with his new-found memory that he lost due to his temporary retrograde amnesia, he finds Aspen in a state he would have never imagined.She seems like an entirely different person and reminds him so much of himself. They are both stuck in a vicious cycle of lies, schemes and addictions and Collin's determined to finally make things right. He tries desperately to save Aspen from her own self-destruction because the price they all have been paying seems like too much and he's not willing to pay anymore. Definitely not for something someone else should be paying for. But saving someone else while also trying to save yourself from demons constantly shadowing your every move might be more difficult than he thought. And maybe they aren't done paying for all the lies just yet.…

A mysterious murder (II/BFB MURDER FANFIC)

A mysterious murder (II/BFB MURDER FANFIC)

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Hello! This is my first book!…



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Author _elizabethChitype-drama ,love romanceမိန်းမတစ်ယောက်ရဲ့အတွေးကိုဗဟိုပြုပြီးရေးသားထားသောကြောင့်မကြိုက်နှစ်သက်သူများမဖတ်ပါရန်…

0811-3753-55 (PROMO), Distributor Baju Kondangan Terbaru Kalisat

0811-3753-55 (PROMO), Distributor Baju Kondangan Terbaru Kalisat

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0811-3753-55 (PROMO), Distributor Baju Kondangan Terbaru Kalisat…

~​ကြွေပန်းကိုသာ​ကောက်ပါ...မောင် ~

~​ကြွေပန်းကိုသာ​ကောက်ပါ...မောင် ~

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၁၉၇၀ ခုနှစ်က ​မိန်းမလျာတစ်​ယောက်အ​ကြောင်း" လွင်က နှင်းဆီ​တွေကို မုန်းတယ်တဲ့ ဘာဖြစ်လို့လဲဆို​တော့ နှင်းဆီ​တွေက လှလို့ မနာလိုဘူးတဲ့​လေ ""လွင် မုန်းရင်​မောင်ကလည်း ​သေချာ​ပေါက်နှင်းဆီ​တွေကိုမုန်းမှာပဲ"~~ သျှပ်ပန်း ~~…