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After She Knew

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Emma White never had the perfect life. Her mother died giving birth to her, her father was always working and never gave her attention, but when she went to college, her luck seemed to change.

She was finally happy. She fell in love with the most perfect guy on the world.

What happens then when she realizes that what she's been living for the past months is a complete lie? The moments together, the I love you's, the way he treats her, even the way he looks at her. All lies.

Her boyfriend, that she thought was as in love with her as she was, happens to be the opposite of she thought. He was using her. She feels betrayed and hurt like never before.

The question is what is she supposed to do now that she knows the truth?

Will she be able to forgive him and believe whatever he says from now on or will she have the strengh to move on? Will Noah get his girl back or is it too late?

Follow Emma and Noah in their path after the truth is out there.

**This is not a stand alone book.**
Before She Even Knows - Book I
After She Knew - Book II

You should read the first book before moving forward. If you have read it, thank you and please, carry on.
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