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Accidentally In Love? ||Taehyung FF|| ✔

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Me:"W-what happened T-Taehyung"i said backing away my back hit the wall he was stepping closer and closer to me and i didn't know what to do at that time it was like i lost my voice somewhere. He placed his one hand on wall beside my head and other on my neck

Taehyung:"What is it?"he asked me in a deep and angry voice that i got scared to hell."I SAID WHAT IS IT HANA?!!"he yelled at my face and i flinched at the loud voice and i didn't even noticed that tears were coming out of my eyes like a pool i shut my eyes and didn't know what to say i lost my voice

Me:"H-H--n-nothing"i lied with hiccuping and shutting my eyes tightly while grabbing his one arm that was on my neck tightly



The Idea of creating story is credit to Me💛
Its all my imaginations my ideas🧡
I'm Really Sorry for my grammar mistakes
Please Enjoy!🧡


No Smut❌
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[Started:18 June 2019]
[Ended:14 October 2019]

[Book Cover by: @jikookworld_edits(Instagram)]
Thank you so much love💗
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