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A Wolf and A Raven

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Natural enemies forced together by unnatural means.
Word count- 16,489

(Y/n) is a proud and free wolf, that is until hunters bring her close to death. She is saved by a wingless fairy with a thirst for revenge and her raven companion. (Y/n) is thrusted into this adventure with cursed princesses, pixies, and a strange feeling called love.

A wolf and raven bond is a strange feeling. And even stranger as the bond develops into something more.

Rewatched Maleficent recently and was reminded of how much I love Diaval. So I figured why not write this.
This story with follow the first movie not sure yet if I'll do the second one, but most likely I will.
Also the reader is based off an OC of mine so there will be some details for the reader.

Also I wrote most of this in one sitting so yeah, didn't do much editing so sorry if there are extra mistakes, I try to catch them while writing.

#1- diaval (4-21-21)
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