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A Summer With Him

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"Because Heaven," he sighed as he ran his strong hands through his volumed black hair, "I never thought love was real until I met you." he said as he looked me in the eyes with those blue ocean orbs of his.

I felt my heart speed up at the words that had just come out of his mouth.

Aiden loves me. And I love him too


Heavens a fun outgoing 17-year-old girl, she makes new friends and loves being around people.

When she meets Aiden, she can't help but become sickened by his annoying and rude manner.

They slowly become enemies and quickly become lovers.

But what happens when Heaven's secrets get loose?

Who is she putting in danger?
May be you like?
𝐚π₯π₯ 𝐑𝐞𝐫 𝐠π₯𝐨𝐫𝐲 | 𝐝.𝐦.
> Minsung Oneshots <

> Minsung Oneshots <

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Just random Minsung POVs because they gayPlease vote !!! Greatly appreciated<3Requests are open !!!…

Falling In Love With The Enemy

Falling In Love With The Enemy

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Liz, a girl with a bad past moves to the south for a fresh start only to make an enemy the first day. Or so she thinks. Will they stay enemies?Warning-LanguageSexualAbuse…

Pwede na ba?

Pwede na ba?

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Clarisse and Aiden met each other at a bar. He was the performer, she was the audience. She fell inlove with the way he performed and he thought it was weird for a girl to be obsessed with music.…

Wings of Fire: Amelioration

Wings of Fire: Amelioration

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Where have the dragons gone, and why is the land dying? Blue Shark sets out from her distant island home for the continent of Pyrrhia, brimming with excitement and determined to prove herself to her family. But something is very wrong. Dragons are going missing, and a sickness is in the land, spreading outward from the once-beautiful Cahrdwain Mountain. Families are hurting, the dragon Queens are at war, and over it all sits a white-shrouded figure-The Scarred One. Anger and fear run deep, like a river with no banks and no bottom. But hope runs deeper.Wings of Fire and all it's species, world, and lore belong to Tui T. Sutherland.…

Shiddat  ❀❀❀

Shiddat ❀❀❀

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everyone has some weakness so lets see whats the weakness off this story nd harr kisi ne apni life mein kbhi na kbhi kisi na kisi se shiddat wala pyaar kiya hi hota he i m sure harr kisi ne kiya hoga tou dekhte he inke shiddat ki kahani shiddat bhre pyar ki kahani This story is of bigg boss 16 contestnt shivsum nd ahan shetty aage ka khud dekhlo story me mein nhi bata rhi#shivsum#sumhan#ahansum#shivthakare#sumbultauqueerkhan#ahanshetty#athiyashetty#klrahul#sunilshetty#salmankhan#biggboss#biggboss16#bb16#priynkachaharchoudhry#ankitgupta#abdurozik#mcstan#archnagautam#tinadutta#shalinbhanot#nimritkaurahluwalia#colorstv…

Thriller Trainee

Thriller Trainee

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Thriller Trainee (ζƒŠζ‚šη»ƒδΉ η”Ÿ)Author : 妄鸦FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES ONLY (MTL - Machine Translated)251 Chapters + 8 Extra ChaptersThe washed-up magician Zong Jiu transmigrated into a horror, infinite flow novel about a survival show, taking the place of the cannon fodder who died tragically in the first evaluation round. This show was very interesting. Out of the tens of thousands of people, only a hundred people could survive, and the c-position (strongest contender) could even get a universal wish ticket.If it were someone else, they'd probably be scared to death.No one expected that Zong Jiu was not only unafraid, but also caused a sensational stir, shamelessly showing off his tricks the whole way.Once his tricks stopped, and his life could be considered safe and sound, he ended up in a rivalry with the novel's big villain.Today you try to get at me, tomorrow I'll get you back, back and forth, it's pretty fun, heh.As a result, though it was just playing around, one time they got carried away and really did end up sleeping together. Watching the nemesis who was pressing him to the ground, Zong Jiu lazily lifted his gaze. "If you want to kill me then kill me, don't speak nonsense." Even when at a disadvantage, he showed no trace of fear, and actually continued to provoke him.That person used his ice-cold finger to trace his ear, and the action heading toward the aorta suddenly stopped."What a pity. I've changed my mind."-He was once very willing to personally give Zong Jiu death. Every day, he used to regret not gouging out his flesh, personally snapping his neck. But after this person fell into his hands, another, more urgent desire grew like weeds.Compared to winning or losing, he would rather see him crying and panting, with eyes red, begging for mercy.Note: There are Grammatical Errors for this book is MTLed using Google Translation…

Haji Furoda 2023 Terpercaya Wirosari

Haji Furoda 2023 Terpercaya Wirosari

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Haji Furoda 2023 Terpercaya Wirosari…

쑸업증λͺ…μ„œμœ„μ‘° 카톑:bmw8540 ν…”λ ˆκ·Έλž¨:kok9090

쑸업증λͺ…μ„œμœ„μ‘° 카톑:bmw8540 ν…”λ ˆκ·Έλž¨:kok9090

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쑸업증λͺ…μ„œμœ„μ‘° 카톑:bmw8540 ν…”λ ˆκ·Έλž¨:kok9090…

You changed me

You changed me

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What happens when Elena and Jeremy's sister comes back to town for a breakLittle does Elena and Jeremy know that their sister has been going through problems that she has kept secret and they soon to find out she is suffering from depression and anxiety. But little does Bailey know mistis falls is not a perfect place for a break she comes to learn about witches, vampires, werewolves and more. She even falls in love with one.…