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☞ Fetus writing, this work is very old. I'd recommend and appreciate it if you'd read recent works of mine instead.

When mates find each other it's supposed to be one of the most happiest moments to exist. The amazing scent that leads you towards your other half is addicting.

However, it isn't always an addicting scent and a happy moment.

Taehyung is an Alpha. A very dominant one. It's a must for his mate to be dominant and fiesty. He wants his mate to be an Alpha too, he wants true blooded pups for the best bloodline.

He knows it's very rare to happen, but it isn't impossible for two alpha's to be mated together. He's very aware that he's one of the most strongest, wealthiest werewolves to exist, so he's sure that he's going to be a lucky one.


Jungkook is an omega. A very kind, sweet and very submissive omega. He absolutely loves kids and would love to get pups of his own, with his mate who loves him dearly. Ever since he was a pup himself, he dreamed about the day of meeting his beloved mate.

His beloved mate that is just as excited about meeting his other half, just like himself.

Wrong again.

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