Silent Thoughts -

Silent Thoughts - "The Other Side" in Gally's Perspective

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{Book 2 of 3}(y/n) and Newt managed to overcome the impossible, making it to Paradise, alive and well, six months following the day they had laid eyes on each other in the cafeteria.However, Newt was not the only one who had fallen for the courageous leader of Group B; just as Brenda had expressed an understanding of, Gally had fallen in love with an individual who is in love with someone else: (y/n).Except, unlike (y/n), Gally is one to keep his thoughts and feelings completely to himself, not finding them important enough to voice.It's time Gally's heart and mind is placed into the limelight, and he is, shockingly, quite soft beneath such an intimidating exterior.Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to The Maze Runner series or any of James Dashner's and Wes Ball's work.Highest Rankings:211 - #Gally 2021.04.16179 - #TheMazeRunner 2021.06.02…

The Other Side - A Newt Fanfiction

The Other Side - A Newt Fanfiction

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{Book 1 of 3}(y/n) and Aris have been stuck at WICKED's facility for days on end, and the meals are beginning to drag on, now that the rest of Group B has either been taken to Janson's promised paradise or disappeared. Although WICKED has been supposedly taking care of them, Aris and (y/n) have their suspicions about this World in Catastrophe Killzone Experiment Department, and they are determined to get answers.Fortunately, a peculiar group of boys stumble into the cafeteria just as (y/n) begins to lose hope, carrying with them a particular atmosphere that seems trustworthy; however, one lean, blonde boy sticks out among the group to (y/n) so much so that it sends an itch through her brain. It is up to herself, Aris, and the kids of Group A to discover the truth of this facility that will result in a quest that is unimaginably arduous.They will have countless obstacles to overcome in the matter of months, but the question is this: who will survive?AN: I've decided to shake things up, so I'm going to shape and mold Wes Ball's film adaptations in this fan fiction, meaning I'll be aligning my story with the film plots (TST and TDC).Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to The Maze Runner series or any of James Dashner's and Wes Ball's work.History of Highest Rankings:#410 - fanfiction on 2018.05.11#5 - newt on 2021.05.10#1 - themazerunner on 2018.06.22…

Snippets of Pain and Paradise - Short Stories Beyond

Snippets of Pain and Paradise - Short Stories Beyond "The Other Side"

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There are plenty of untold stories that come out of The Other Side, such as what happened with (y/n) and the others after Paradise? Will Newt and Sonya ever discover the tragic connection that unknowingly lies between them? Are they destined for a second round of the Flare tainting this world of peace? These are a mere few questions from the countless asked by abundantly supportive readers, and some of those questions cannot be answered through a mere change of perspective or a prequel.Here, one will find the ties to straggling loose ends, in which readers will be able to get varying glimpses into the future that follows Paradise and even traumatic incidents of the past that were never spoken of.Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to The Maze Runner series or any of James Dashner's and Wes Ball's work.…