Obsession with Innocent Boy   ( Completed ✅  )

Obsession with Innocent Boy ( Completed ✅ )

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When the cold heartthrob falling in love with innocent boy and threaten to be his 🟡 Will Jungkook's hyung accept the marriage proposal?🟡 Will Jungkook fall for Taehyng?🥇 01 in mprg🏅 01 in BottomKook🏅 02 in YoonMin🏅 02 in VKook🏅 05 in TopTae🏅 29 in HeartthrobTop TaeBottom Kook------------------------------------------------------------------------- Publish - 2021 September 21 Finished - 2022 August 01Main characters are taekook. So there is less other ships moments.…

Clingy prince

Clingy prince

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When clingy boy marry the cold hearted crown prince "Hubby I want numnum" said while playing with fingers."What is numnum baby"Jungkook pointed tae's chest Still Tae didn't get what is the Numnum"I didn't understood baby"Jungkook pouted. Then he started to unbutton tae's topTae's eyes widened. He held jungkook's wrist. 🥇 01 in Daegu🏅 11 in Crown Prince🏅 14 in Namjin 🏅 10 in Royal🏅81 in Top Tae🏅 97 in Bottom Kook🏅 253 in FF…